Never Late, Never Away Chapter 154

Damn it!

Seeing how Vivian’s body was writhing in misery, Finnick made a decision at that moment as he lowered his head to fix his brooding eyes on her.

“Vivian,” he called out her name in a barely audible voice. In the meantime, he slowly removed his tie and unbuttoned his shirt. “Don’t blame me for doing this because it’s what you’re asking for.”

There was no way Vivian could pay any attention to what he was saying because she was about to lose her mind as her entire body was on fire. In an agonized tone, she mumbled, “H-Help me…”

Instantly, Finnick’s eyes darkened with desire in response. His throat was parched as he rested his entire weight on Vivian’s body which was burning with heat.

In a swift motion, he pressed his lips to hers and grazed it against the softness of her lips. It forced her to swallow back all her complaints.

Before long, Finnick could feel the flame that was burning in Vivian’s body spreading to him.

However, he preferred to take it slow because it was their first time.

Although doing it with her when she was drugged was not exactly the ideal scenario he had in mind, he did not feel like holding himself back this time.

In fact, he had desired her since a long time ago.

Even though Vivian was drugged, he knew that she still had enough awareness to remember what happened that night. Therefore, he wanted to make it the best experience for her.

With that thought in mind, he moved in on her with much gentleness. He nuzzled his lips against her earlobes and whispered endearingly to her, “Vivian, are you scared?”

She could sense his weight on top of her and the heat from his body. Because of the sensation, her mind couldn’t help but wander back to the miserable experience she had suffered two years ago…

Her body started cowering in fear in response.

Finnick, who detected her terror and repulsion, decided not to back off this time. Instead, he grabbed both of her wrists and pressed them against the pillow on top of her head. At the same time, his lips edged closer to her ears so that she could feel the warm breath that came out from his mouth while he was talking to her.

“Don’t be scared.” His deep voice sounded slightly husky. “I know you’re traumatized. This time, let me be the one to free you from the shackle that’s holding you back.”

It was as though his words carried magic that made Vivian fall under his spell. Surprisingly, the muscles in her body, which had tensed up in fear, started to relax at that moment.

Although the drug was tormenting her and leaving her with little sanity, she knew what was about to take place next.

She found it more acceptable because the person was Finnick…

Sensing her relaxation, a trace of delight flickered in his eyes. Finally, he let go of the last bit of resistance in him as he started claiming and owning every part of her body…

It was a long and sleepless night for the two of them.

After only God knew how long, the fear and jitters in her started to wear off as she slowly arched her body to match his movement.

In fact, she had been having a hard time moving on from her traumatic experience two years ago.

Therefore, it never occurred to her that she could finally forget that ordeal for once and enjoy life as a normal woman.

It was only after a long while that her body heat started to subside. In the end, she fell into a deep slumber, feeling weak and worn out.

The next morning, she woke up freezing in the room.

It was because Finnick had adjusted the air conditioner to its lowest temperature last night.

Shuddering, she opened her eyes and was immediately greeted by Finnick’s beautiful face next to her. Under the gentle sunlight that filtered through the window, his facial features looked as exquisite as sculptures.

She was so absorbed in admiring his looks that she was stuck in a trance-like state.

Her gaze remained fixed on his face until Finnick, whose eyes were still shut, spoke in a deep voice, “Are you done staring at me?”

Only then did her mind snap back to reality. Feeling embarrassed that Finnick was aware of her stare, she quickly tried to turn her back to him.

But before she could do that, he seized her shoulder and from there, she was drawn into his embrace at once.

Her face bumped against his well-toned chest, causing her heart to start pounding at a frenzied rate.

Meanwhile, he landed a peck on her forehead and asked her in an undertone, “Are you satisfied with my performance last night?”

Dumbfounded by his question, her face and ears flushed with embarrassment.

“What’re you talking about?” she snapped in an annoyed tone, “How dare you ask me that question when you clearly took advantage of me last night!”

“Did I?” Unfazed by her exasperation, Finnick chuckled. “Why do I see myself as the hero who saved you, the damsel in distress, last night?”

Vivian cursed through gritted teeth, “You’re so shameless.”

“I am shameless?” Finnick chortled. “Will you give me more chances to be shameless again?”

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