Never Late, Never Away Chapter 155

Vivian was so overwhelmed with embarrassment that she could not utter a word in response.

She just realized that Finnick was definitely a wolf in sheep’s clothing. While he might look like a gentleman, he was actually a jerk who couldn’t wait to devour her at the first opportunity!

Feeling too embarrassed to answer his question, she decided to keep her mouth shut.

However, Finnick was not about to let her go that easily. Lifting her chin to force her to look right into his eyes, he urged in a low voice, “Answer me, Vivian.”

Two crimson patches emerged on her cheeks instantly. She averted her eyes away from him and snorted, “It depends on my mood.”

Finnick was stunned.

Although she did not answer him in the affirmative, that was probably the second-best answer he could get from her, considering how shy and reserved a girl she was.

Elated, he pulled her in for a tighter hug and made a promise in a low voice, “Very well, I hereby offer you a guarantee of satisfactory service from now on!”

Vivian’s face reddened immediately again.

But at the same time, she felt a surge of sweetness seizing her heart.


She was able to move on from the traumatic experience which happened to her two years ago.

There was a time before this that she thought she would not be able to get married and have a child like other women. Never could she imagine that she would finally meet a guy who could help her overcome her trauma.

Although she had no idea who was the douchebag who had drugged her last night, she actually felt rather grateful for him.

Feeling the warmth of Finnick’s body and his powerful heartbeat, she couldn’t help but wrap her arms around his slender waist. In a soft voice, she confessed, “Finnick, I think I’ve fallen in love with you.”

In fact, she had realized her feelings for him way before this.

However, she decided to keep her feelings to herself at that time, thinking that it was unlikely to be reciprocated.

After they had gone through many ups and downs together, she finally started to notice his feelings for her.

That was the reason why she decided to give both of them a chance.

Finnick was taken aback by the sudden revelation of her feelings. He froze for a second before pulling her into an embrace so tight that it was as though he was trying to blend her body with his.

“Me too.” His tone was so soft that it did not sound like his usual voice at all. “On top of that, I’m sure I fell in love with you long before you fell in love with me.”

She was stunned to hear that. Before she could figure out what he meant, he suddenly lowered his head and claimed her lips to stop her from dwelling on her doubts.

After a passionate kiss, he let go of her with a faint smile on his face. “Vivian, how about we do another round without the effect of the drug?”

Before she knew it, his lips were pressing hard on hers again.

Just like that, the question in her mind was answered by his action.

In the days that followed, Vivian would always blame herself for succumbing to Finnick’s trickery so easily every time she woke up feeling sore all over her body.

In another room at the same hotel, Fabian struggled to open his eyes as his head felt extremely heavy. Slowly, the images of what took place last night started replaying in his mind.

He remembered having a great time at the club last night, where he overindulged himself in alcohol. Unlike his usual self, his alcohol tolerance was abnormally low that night. On top of that, it was bizarre that he had been feeling so hot as though his whole body was on fire.

Through his blurry vision, he could see Vivian staggering her way out of the club. As he was worried about her safety, he tried hard to stand up before following her out. Halfway along the journey, he felt someone holding him still to prevent him from falling. That was the last he saw of Vivian.

Just as he was trying to recall what exactly happened the previous night as he lay in bed, a woman extended her arm and caressed his hair gently.

Frightened by her sudden action, he whirled around and spotted Ashley. The naked woman was gazing at him endearingly and coquettishly.

Fabian immediately understood what exactly took place last night, judging from her condition as well as their clothes that were strewn all over the floor.

A wave of despair washed over him at that instant.

How could this happen? I’ve pledged not to have anything to do with Ashley ever again. Why did something like this happen again…

At the same time, Ashley started twining her limbs around his body like a snake. Resting her weight on him, she locked eyes with him in a lusty and sensual manner.

To be honest, she was second to none when it came to seducing men. As her touches slowly set his body on fire, Fabian almost succumbed to the temptation as he was still slightly intoxicated.

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