Never Late, Never Away Chapter 156

However, he managed to shove her away with the last bit of rationality in him. He leaped out of bed, grabbed his clothes from the floor, and dashed toward the bathroom.

As for Ashley, she ended up crashing onto the bed after being pushed by him.

Dumbfounded by his action, her blood was boiling with rage.

She had been trying to seduce him countless times, but her attempts always ended in failure. He had shown nothing but disgust in response to her seduction. Would he turn Vivian down if she were the one seducing him?

If I didn’t drug his drinks last night, would he have spent the night with me?

Ashley could remember vividly how their bodies tangled with each other in bed last night.

However, what she could never forget was how he had been mumbling Vivian’s name when they were having a good time in bed.

With that thought in mind, she clenched her fists so tightly that her nails almost pierced through her palms.

She couldn’t believe that the woman was all he had been thinking about even when he was experiencing waves of ecstasy with her.

How despicable!

It’s sickening!

Despite finding it revolting, she had decided to put up with it, thinking that it would be a waste if she let slip the opportunity to be with him. In order to have Fabian to herself, she was willing to do anything!

Inside the bathroom, Fabian turned on the faucet to its maximum while splashing cold water onto his face in an attempt to calm himself down.

Everything that had taken place last night seemed perfectly normal, but then again, he could still detect the slight possibility that it was all premeditated.

It was suspicious how Ashley had appeared right in front of the club entrance. Also, there was something fishy about his unusually low alcohol tolerance and the way they ended up in bed.

As he recalled the photo Ashley revealed during the party last time, he became all the more convinced that there could be more to the mischievous and adorable girl than met the eyes.

At the same time, he was seized by a spasm of fear.

Should I dig out more information on her?

Hastily, he finished washing up and walked out of the bathroom. Ashley, who had already gotten changed, was staring at him with a wide grin on her face. He quickly turned his eyes away from her to avoid conversation.

Although Ashley and her sister did look similar to each other, she could never replicate her sister’s dazzling smile.

He kept his eyes downcast as he frantically picked up his belongings from the floor. In a nonchalant tone, he said to her, “I’ve got to go as I have a busy schedule today.”


Looking anxious, Ashley intended to have a talk with him, but to her dismay, Fabian did not even give her one last glance before he left. The door was shut mercilessly following his departure.

She was left standing rooted to the spot with a long face.

Stroking her belly with her right hand, tears started welling up in her eyes.

Fabian, am I such a nuisance to you? It’s alright if you feel that way. Hopefully, I’ll get what I want with my effort last night.

People always said how children could work wonders on the relationship of a couple. As long as she was pregnant with his child, he would never be able to get rid of her for the rest of his life!

After Fabian made a hurried exit from the hotel, he immediately called his assistant and asked him to begin an investigation on Ashley. He wanted to find out how Ashley had gotten her hands on that photo, especially that one which he didn’t even have in his phone.

What was the truth behind that horrid incident that happened two years ago? Who was the mastermind behind it? Before Fabian returned to the country, he had never expected to be involved in an incident that was shrouded in so much mystery.

Ashley went to the hotel lobby after fixing her appearance. Coincidentally, she bumped into Vivian, who was lounging on the sofa there.

Vivian, who was waiting for Finnick to do the checkout, was surprised to see Ashley.

A triumphant smirk appeared on Ashley’s face at the sight of her sister.

Since Vivian is here at the hotel at this hour, does it mean my plan to sabotage her by drugging her drinks last night had succeeded?

“The great Ms. Vivian, how come you’re sitting here? What could have happened last night that made you look so tired? Could it be…” Ashley approached Vivian and drawled, “I wonder who was the lucky guy who got to spend a good time with our Ms. Vivian here last night.”

Ashley grabbed the opportunity to rub salt in Vivian’s wound. The thought of watching her agonized expression after being raped last night was a pleasure for her.

However, Vivian only furrowed her brows at her in confusion.

How did she know what happened between Finnick and me last night?

“Hey, why are you not answering me? Are you too shy to talk about it? Goodness gracious, will an easy girl like you even be shy about what you did with men? I really wonder how Mr. Norton would react once he finds out that you’ve been screwing around!”

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