Never Late, Never Away Chapter 158

“Yes, I do need your help,” Vivian agreed.

Just then, Finnick remembered something which he felt he should share with her now. He said tentatively, “Actually, I already gathered some information on that incident.”

The fact that he had started the investigation on his own showed that he was quite bothered by it too.

Vivian’s eyes fell pensive, but she did not condemn him for what he did. Instead, she placed emphasis on the outcome. “What information have you got?”

He told her that the man who raped her two years ago was not an old man as per her assumption. However, the identity of the real perpetrator had yet to come to light.

The one who did the horrendous thing to her was not an old man.

To Vivian, that piece of information did not really matter.

Knowing that the perpetrator was not an old man did not make things better in the least bit because the fact that she had been humiliated could never be changed.

She sighed. “Finnick, to be honest with you, the question of who did it doesn’t matter that much to me at the moment. Right now, I just want to find out who was the one who drugged me and orchestrated the entire plot that night. That person even went to the extent of spreading that scandal at school in order to destroy me. Who could be the mastermind behind everything?”

Without saying anything in response, he drew her toward his chest gently.

Since what she wanted was the truth, he would go all out to get that for her.

After all, he wanted to find out the truth too.


At the thought of that scarf, he grew reticent as his eyes turned icy.

“I’ll get to the bottom of it,” he promised her in a soft voice.

Suddenly, a thought struck Vivian. “By the way, did anyone find out about the condition of your legs last night?” she asked worriedly.

Finnick broke into a faint smile, feeling pleased to see how much she cared about him. “Don’t worry. All the necessary arrangements are in place to make sure everything is alright.”

The car pulled to a stop at that moment. As she looked out the window, she found herself staring at the apartment she was staying at instead of the villa. She couldn’t help but turn to look at Finnick in puzzlement.

“I’d like to visit your mother,” he answered.

Vivian had her reservations about his idea because it was obvious to her that Finnick was not her mother’s favorite.

That did not bother her during the time their marriage only existed in name.

However, things were so much different at the moment.

Should I tell Mom the truth?

She nodded to herself before getting out of the car together with Finnick.

Inside the apartment unit, Rachel was sitting on her bed reading a copy of Glamour Magazine.

“Mom!” Vivian stepped into the unit and was happy to see her mother’s glowing face.

“Pleased to meet you, Mrs. William.” Finnick entered at the same time in his wheelchair.

Rachel’s face stiffened for a split second before greeting him back politely.

In the meantime, Noah put down the gift bags and was sensible enough to wait for his boss outside.

“I’m sorry as I didn’t have much time to prepare better gifts for you. Here are some food supplements which are good for your health. I hope they aren’t too shabby for you, Mrs. William,” Finnick said in a level voice.

Rachel, who did not fancy Finnick as her son-in-law, deliberately pulled a long face. “We are just some ordinary folks who don’t deserve your expensive gifts. Please don’t bring anything for us in the future.”

Finnick’s face was inscrutable in response to her comment.

“Mom!” Vivian couldn’t help but chime in. Sitting down at the edge of the bed beside her mother, she held her hands and tried to put in some good words for Finnick. “He only brought those gifts for you as a kind gesture.”

As someone who had never known how to get along with his mother-in-law, Finnick was at a loss as he stood dazedly beside Vivian.

It was her first time witnessing such a helpless expression on his face, and she found it hilarious. “Finnick, since it’s lunchtime soon, why don’t you go out and fetch us some takeaway food? Mom loves braised pork.”

He nodded in agreement.

After he left with Noah, Vivian started criticizing her mother, “Mom, what you said to Finnick just now was too harsh. He’s a kind-hearted person, and he’s different from all the other rich guys.”

“Well, I don’t care because I just don’t like the idea of you and him being together. In fact, I prefer Fabian to be my son-in-law.”

“Mom, it’s time you forget about Fabian because Finnick is my husband.”

Seeing how fervently her daughter was trying to defend Finnick, Rachel couldn’t help but ask curiously, “Vivian, just be honest with me. Have you fallen in love with him? Otherwise, why are you trying so hard to defend him?”

Had she fallen in love with him? Of course!

She was so in love with him that her life literally depended on his. She loved him so deeply that she cared about his every movement, and she couldn’t wait to spend the rest of her life with him.

Seeing the concern in her mother’s eyes, Vivian finally made up her mind to tell her the truth. “Mom, I really love him very much, so much so that I’d like to spend the rest of my life with him.”

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