Never Late, Never Away Chapter 159

Rachel’s eyes became dodgy when she learned that her daughter had developed feelings for Finnick.

Knowing well that Vivian had gone through a fair share of ordeal in her past, all she wanted for her was a dependable man who knew her well, treated her nicely, and loved her with all his heart.

However, is Finnick the right man who can bring her happiness in life?

Trying to blend into the world of the rich is something easier said than done.

Would Finnick turn out to be a fickle-minded man in relationships? Could his relationship with Vivian withstand all the challenges and obstacles that are looming ahead of them?

Vivian knew the doubts her mother was having about their relationship. In a soft voice, she tried to convince her mother, “My beloved mother, Finnick risked his life on several occasions before just to protect me from danger. I really love him, and I believe he’s the right guy for me. So, please don’t worry about me.”

The moment Rachel saw the blissful smile on her daughter’s face, she finally caved in.

“Well, since you’re married to him, I guess the right thing to do is to make the most out of your life with him. I’m happy as long as you are.”

Wrapping her arms around her mother, Vivian said coyly, “Mom, I know you’re the one who loves me the most, and you should know that you’re the most precious person in my life. Please don’t worry about me because I know how to take care of myself.”

“You silly girl.” Rachel’s eyes glistened with tears when she said that.

Finnick bumped into the heartwarming scene when he made it back with food. He had the gumption to sit down by the door so as not to interrupt their moment.

Satisfied with his sensible action, Rachel’s attitude thawed substantially. Surprisingly, she extended her hand toward him and invited him for a talk, “Finnick, come over here because I have something to tell you.”

“Finnick.” She placed emphasis on every single word of her sentence to show how serious her speech was. “Vivian is my only daughter, and she’s gone through quite a difficult time when she was staying with me. Therefore, all I want for her is a good guy who knows how to take care of her well, regardless of whether that guy has deep pockets or otherwise. Since she’s told me that you’re the love of her life, I have no choice but to entrust her happiness to you.”

Finnick turned to look at Vivian with astonishment in his eyes.

He knew Vivian must have told her mother something that led to the sudden change in her attitude.

He could still remember the time Vivian assured her mother that she had no feelings for him and their marriage only existed in name.

So, is Rachel treating me so amiably because Vivian has confessed to her how much she would like to spend the rest of her life with me?

At the thought of that possibility, the tensed muscles in his face relaxed a great deal.

This is perfect.

Is she finally willing to acknowledge me as her husband?

With that thought in mind, he looked up at Rachel and declared in a composed tone that was tinged with a trace of solemnness, “Mrs. William, please rest assured that I will take good care of Vivian in the future.”

Although he was inarticulate, he meant every word he said and would honor his promise for sure.

Rachel, who was moved by his sincerity, nodded at him approvingly.

At long last, the tension between the three eased up a great deal. Knowing that her mother was one who sought solace in solitude, Vivian left with Finnick after the meal.

A smile slowly took over Rachel’s face while watching Vivian’s back as she left.

In fact, she considered herself really lucky to have a daughter as filial as Vivian.

Yet, she couldn’t help but feel ashamed of not being a good enough mother for her.

She knew she had let her daughter down. The feeling of guilt toward her had been growing increasingly intense with the years.

Would Vivian still acknowledge me as her mother after learning about the truth behind everything? Would she hate me for the rest of her life?

Putting her hands together, she started praying to God for Vivian’s happiness. At the same time, she begged for His mercy and pleaded for a chance to redeem her sins.

Vivian, Mom’s never done enough for you, but I really hope you can have a happy and blissful life.

After leaving the apartment, Finnick sent Vivian back to the magazine company.

Just as she was about to exit the car, he suddenly called after her, “Vivian.”

She turned around upon hearing his voice. Before she could even respond to him, he grabbed her wrist and hauled her toward his arms.

Her pulse started racing as she was close enough to feel his warm breath on her.

As for Noah, he had the gumption to bury his head into his shirt as much as he could.

Mr. Norton has definitely become very unpredictable lately. Is he treating me like I am non-existent?

Despite feeling awkward with Noah around, Vivian was not strong enough to break free from his embrace. In the end, she could only plead for his mercy with her face flushed with embarrassment, “Let go of me now. We should talk when we get back home.”

“Thank you, Vivian,” he spoke in a deep and husky tone.

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