Never Late, Never Away Chapter 160

“What’re you thanking me for?” Vivian sounded baffled.

With a smirk, he answered, “Thanks for telling your mother how much you love me.”

Vivian was taken aback by his words. All of a sudden, her heart was seized by a surge of warmth, and she couldn’t resist hugging him back.

In fact, I’m the one who should be grateful for you.

Thank you for appearing in my life.

They engaged in the sweet embrace for quite a long while until Vivian realized that she was about to be late for work. Then, she wiggled herself away from him and said, “Finnick, I should get back to work.”

Despite feeling reluctant to part ways with her, he gave her forehead a light peck before letting her go. “Go ahead.”

After bidding farewell to him, Vivian headed to the magazine company. Before she could even settle down, Sarah made a hurried entrance to her room and started rambling on, “Vivian, oh Vivian! You’re finally back! You know what, something huge happened!”

Frowning at Sarah’s face which had astonishment written all over it, Vivian asked, “What is it?”

“It’s something related to the president of Finnor Group!” Shocked, Sarah stared at her with widened eyes as she asked, “Haven’t you heard about it? It’s all over Twitter at the moment!”

Something related to Finnick?

Vivian was dumbstruck for a moment to learn that the matter was related to her own husband. Out of curiosity, she asked Sarah, “What’s the matter with Finnick?”

“It’s a rumor about Finnick and Yasmin, which has gone viral on the internet! Everyone has been talking about how the popular celebrity, Yasmin, tried to seduce Finnick in order to dethrone his wife! Vivian, don’t you think it is very shameless of her to pull off something like that? There’s no way Mr. Norton would be tempted by a girl as mediocre as her! Hmph, she’ll never be good enough for a guy like him!”

As Sarah was talking about the rumor agitatedly, Vivian looked stunned.


Oh, she’s that celebrity who’s got the most potential to make it big in the movie industry. Also, she’s hailed as the dream girl by many guys.

Yasmin had an alluring, well-toned body and full luscious lips. Her eyes always sparkled with charm, and her voice was so sweet that it could make one’s knees go weak just by listening to her. No man in the world would be able to resist the seduction of a stunner like her.

Why would Finnick have anything to do with a famous celebrity like her?

A babble of voices was ongoing among her colleagues at the office. Obviously, everyone was talking about the rumor.

“Alas, I’ve always thought of Yasmin as an aloof girl who’s hard to approach. It really surprises me that she actually made the first move for Mr. Norton.”

“It’s mainly because Mr. Norton is too much of a hottie that even Yasmin couldn’t resist his charm. But then again, I don’t think they really did anything out of bounds, did they? Mr. Norton should know better than getting involved with her since he’s already a married man.”

“Who can be sure about that? Mind you, the woman who seduced him was not just any ordinary woman but Yasmin, the girl who has such a hot body and beautiful face. As we all know, men’s minds are mostly controlled by their junks. So, I highly doubt any one of them would be able to turn down a looker like her!”

Although Vivian trusted Finnick completely deep down, she couldn’t help but be slightly bothered by some of the remarks made by her colleagues. Immediately, she whipped out her phone and checked her Twitter.

Just like how Sarah had described it to her, both Yasmin and Finnick were the trending topics on Twitter. She did not find out about their rumor until now as she had been having too many things on her plate lately.

As it turned out, it all started with Yasmin expressing her admiration for Finnick on several occasions lately. She kept on showering him with compliments on his exquisite demeanor and taste as well as how talented he was in doing business.

Then, Vivian went on to check out her profile on Twitter. Her timeline was full of posts that were directly portraying her admiration for Finnick. Her infatuation with the man was very obvious, and it seemed like she deemed him as her dream man.

Because of the rumor, her followers spiked to an all-time high, making her one of the top five most popular artists on Twitter.

Comments below her posts were mushrooming too.

You and Finnick will make a perfect couple! My goddess, I’ll support you no matter what you do!

I can’t believe you’re shameless enough to express your intention of getting yourself a rich sugar daddy! You’re really despicable!

Are mistresses nowadays all so cocky and insolent? Yasmin, you’d better beware whenever you’re walking alone on the street because you might be ambushed by assassins sent by Finnick’s wife.

All of us should do our part to stop the mistresses out there from getting rampant! Mrs. Norton, it’s about time you did something to banish her!

None of you have the right to humiliate my Yasmin! Everyone has the right and freedom to pursue their love. Yasmin, we’ll always be your pillars of support!

Vivian found the comments amusing. She was glad that she did not reveal her identity as Finnick’s wife to the public. Otherwise, she might no longer be able to dine out without being recognized by people.

At the same time, she was surprised to see how a mass condemnation against mistresses was launched on the internet just because of Yasmin. Indeed, the power of media was really capable of making or breaking something.

At that juncture, Lesley, the senior editor, visited her after walking out of Fabian’s room. She was there just in time to catch Vivian poring over Yasmin’s Twitter account.

Her eyes brightened up with inspiration at once. “Vivian, I knew you would be paying attention to the topic as you always have such a good nose for juicy news. I just had a discussion with Mr. Norton, and we’ve decided to pursue this topic and do a coverage on it. With a famous female celebrity and a handsome president of a company as the protagonists, I’m sure the news would turn out to be a sensational one in no time! So, we’ve decided to let you be in charge of this topic.”

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