Never Late, Never Away Chapter 161

Open-mouthed, Vivian stared at Lesley in a daze.

That was certainly by far the most absurd thing that had happened to her life.

As Finnick’s wife, she was going to cover the scandal involving her husband and a female celebrity. Apart from that, it was going to be published for everyone to read and become a piece of sensational news locally or even globally.

Is this a joke?

May I know how do you feel about being the crush of a female celebrity? How many dates have the two of you gone out on? How did the two of you meet each other? Who’s more attractive to you? Your wife or Ms. Ziller?

Some of the questions she might have to ask Finnick in the near future popped up in her mind.

Was it Fabian’s idea to let me be in charge of the coverage?

Does he think it would destroy my relationship with Finnick?

At that moment, Vivian had a feeling that she no longer knew Fabian as well as she had thought anymore.

At the same time, her colleagues shook their heads in sympathy when they learned that she was assigned with the demanding and arduous task.

Not only was it nigh impossible to get an interview with Finnick who had never been cooperative with reporters, arranging one with Yasmin would be an uphill task too, considering her hectic schedule. To make matters worse, she was a snob who was difficult to deal with. Without pulling some strings and exchanging favors with people, getting an interview with the two of them would be a task as challenging as doing a moon landing.

This time, Vivian knew it was destined to be a failure.

In the meantime, Shannon was smiling slyly to herself. She did not compete with Vivian for the chance because she knew she only had to wait on the sideline and watch how Vivian made a fool out of herself.

When Sarah volunteered to be Vivian’s assistant, Vivian cast her an appreciative glance.

Wait a minute. Won’t the idea of me doing a coverage on the scandal involving my husband and a female celebrity be too bizarre?

However, it was too late for her to turn it down as Lesley was already patting her shoulder, saying, “Our magazine will be counting on you to get a shot at becoming the best-selling magazine in the nation again! Vivian, just tell me if you need anything. We’ll try our best to fulfill your needs.”

It seemed like Lesley had made up her mind to entrust the mission to her. Nervously, Vivian swallowed hard.

To make matters worse, Shannon started spouting sarcastic remarks, “Vivian, it seems like you’re the only one who has what it takes to tackle this mission. Since you did an interview with Mr. Norton from the Finnor Group before and both of you even own the same ring, you really are the best candidate for this job.”

At first, Vivian thought of turning down the task. However, when she saw the persistence and determination in Lesley’s eyes, she realized she would not be able to defy her order.

Besides, she could not afford to quit the job as she still needed the money to pay for her mother’s living expenses and medical fees. After all, she couldn’t rely on financial support from Finnick. On top of that, it was about time she contributed something to the company, considering the company had been gracious enough to grant her requests for advance salary payment.

Guess I won’t be able to elude the trouble this time.

She could not be bothered with Shannon’s mockery because her priority at the moment was to glean some first-hand information on the rumor.

Since she had already accepted the mission, she was obligated to accomplish it regardless of the means. After years of being involved in journalism, professionalism was ingrained in her blood.

Let’s look at the bright side. At least I’ve got a head start over the others since I know Finnick personally.

With that thought in mind, she gritted her teeth and braced herself to send Finnick a WhatsApp message.

Finnick was reading a portfolio of an investment project when his phone buzzed with a notification. When he checked the screen and saw that it was a new message from Vivian, his curiosity was piqued instantly.

It was rare for her to send him a message first.

He picked up his phone and swiped the screen to unlock it.

According to some rumor, you’re involved in a scandal with the celebrity, Yasmin?


Finnick frowned at the screen in confusion. However, it didn’t take long for him to break into a smile while typing a reply.

Are you jealous?

Am I jealous?

Vivian chuckled at the sight of his reply.

She had never been a petty woman. All the while, she had never been too attached to worldly possessions. In her opinion, those fated to be hers would stay by her side no matter what. As for those that were not, they could be taken away from her effortlessly, just like how easily her relationship with Fabian was destroyed because of a mere photo.

She sent him a reply: I’m going to do a sensational coverage on this topic. You know what, you’re the current prime target of our magazine company! Mr. Norton, please tell me everything about it, and you aren’t allowed to keep any secret from me.

The grin on Finnick’s face grew even wider when he saw her message.

Is she trying to get some leads from me for her coverage? Or is she trying to take revenge on me by using her work as an excuse?

Finnick thought the idea was interesting. That would be a perfect chance for them to spend more time together as she would have to follow him everywhere in order to get information for her coverage.

Sounds good to me!

In fact, he had always felt that Yasmin was a great nuisance.

Yet, he did not take it seriously before this because it was not the first time he got into trouble like this.

But now…

Suddenly, he was consumed by curiosity as he wondered what Vivian would be like when she was jealous.

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