Never Late, Never Away Chapter 162

Finnick edited his text: I can do you a favor, but I want you to behave yourself in return. Do we have a deal?

Vivian was rendered speechless the moment she read his reply.

Can you please put that aside for the time being? Let’s talk about it in the evening, okay?

In the end, she replied as she pursed her lips: Shall we cut the crap and get to the point? Are you doing something behind my back? Is that the reason you want me to stay away from you?

She noticed she had gotten increasingly courageous. Perhaps she was the only one who dared to talk with Finnick in such a manner.

Although Vivian’s reply sounded provocative, Finnick didn’t seem to be bothered at all.

Nevertheless, he couldn’t wait to figure out Vivian’s response. Therefore, he checked his upcoming schedule before texting Vivian an address through WhatsApp.

Vivian, who had received the address, brought herself up and showed her colleagues her phone in an arrogant manner. “Everyone, I managed to figure out the whereabouts of Yasmin and Finnick!”

Everyone was dumbfounded because they couldn’t believe Vivian managed to get her hands on the duo’s whereabouts.

Sarah was the first one to return to her senses. She rushed over and held Vivian in between her arms firmly. “Vivian, you’re awesome! I believe you’re the most capable one in the industry!”

On the other hand, Shannon scoffed as she tended to her task, “I’m sure she has gotten her hands on the intel through some means that’s exclusive to the capable ones like her. Perhaps she has seduced a few of her informants again. Am I right, Vivian?”

Actually, Shannon is right! Even the Senior Editor can’t get their hands on Finnick and Yasmin’s whereabouts! How did Vivian get her hands on it?

Naturally, Vivian couldn’t tell her colleagues the almighty Finnick, whom they looked up to, was her beloved husband. Otherwise, the news would make it to the headline and put the news of Finnick and Yasmin to shame.

Sarah refused to give up just yet. She tilted her head and asked, “Vivian, where are they? Are you sure it’s from a reliable source?”

Everyone in the office cast a skeptical gaze at Vivian, focusing intently as they couldn’t wait to figure out the truth.

The helpless Vivian tried to brush them off and told them, “A-Actually, my husband is a staff of Finnor Group. Hence…”

Oh! Her husband must be her informant! Her colleagues decided to let her off the hook upon hearing her seemingly logical reply.

Vivian departed with Sarah after she found Ken, the photographer. They headed over to the location Finnick had texted her immediately because it was a race against time.

The address Finnick had texted Vivian was an exhibition hall in Sunshine City. Usually, artists from various walks of life would gather around at the said exhibition hall. Yasmin was there for the production of Finnor Group’s advertisement.

Those from the Finnor Group placed great emphasis on the advertisement because it would play a major role in securing the deal with their fellow investors from F Nation. Therefore, Finnick was present to oversee the production.

It was a lively scene inside a particular studio in the exhibition hall. Everyone was engaged with their respective tasks as deafening and rhymical music could be heard.

Yasmin put on a sexy dress with curly hair drooping from her shoulders. Turning her busty figure and pouting her crimson lips from time to time, she would pose as the photographer’s assistant instructed. Occasionally, she would shot seductive glances at Finnick.

Ken had long lost himself as he stared at the sexy woman. Sarah narrowed her eyes and nudged Ken to stay focus.

In return, Ken glared at Sarah to express his frustration. “I’m working, okay?”

Meanwhile, Vivian had her eyes glued to Finnick. He stared at Yasmin indifferently, neglecting the countless signal from her.

That’s more like it! You should stay away from her!

Vivian gave it a thought and felt lightheaded all of a sudden because she wouldn’t have anything for the headline if there wasn’t anything going on between Finnick and Yasmin.

If I’m able to get my hands on photos of them interacting with each other intimately, the news will definitely go viral, right? That’s going to boost our sales as well, isn’t it?

The idea she had in mind sounded as though something had gotten into her, but she had faith in her husband. Therefore, she couldn’t wait to snap the photos of her husband with another woman.

Once she made up her mind, she tapped on Ken’s shoulder and instructed, “We can’t allow such a great opportunity to pass by our side! I want you to keep an eye on Yasmin and Finnick. Snap their photos as soon as they get close to one another.”

Vivian got anxious because Yasmin didn’t even have any chance to approach Finnick, let alone interact with him because she had been working until the intermission.

What the heck! Where’s the news for tomorrow’s headline? If I can’t get anything, doesn’t that mean I have made the trip for nothing?

Actually, Finnick had been anticipating Vivian’s arrival all this while. Soon, he spotted Vivian’s frustrated look as she had flushed impatiently.

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