Never Late, Never Away Chapter 163

As soon as they exchanged glances, Vivian pursed her lips, signaling Finnick to do something with Yasmin.

Finnick’s expression turned gloomy all of a sudden.

He couldn’t believe his wife actually wanted him to mess around with another woman in front of her.

Unaware of the changes in Finnick’s expression, Vivian beckoned her husband over.

It was evident she was up to no good, but Finnick refused to play along with his wife.

Sarah and Ken felt equally dejected. One of them asked, “Vivian, none of these photos are suitable since Mr. Norton is merely here to supervise Yasmin’s work. What should we do when there’s nothing going on between them?”

“Hold on! Let’s wait until Yasmin gets off work!” Vivian replied after she gave it a thought.

The production went on for another two hours. Finally, Yasmin got exhausted and decided to call it a day.

Immediately after they wrapped up the session, Yasmin’s assistant handed over a glass of fruit juice to her.

Vivian’s eyes gleamed as Yasmin headed over to Finnick’s side once she had a mouthful of juice.

Ken got himself ready and held on to his camera.

“Mr. Norton,” Yasmin greeted Finnick enthusiastically.

Finnick could barely stand the acerbic odor of Yasmin’s perfume as she approached him.

Moreover, he got infuriated the moment he took note of Vivian’s hint. He lost his cool due to the so-called attractive woman in front of him and immediately brought himself out of the hall.

Yasmin was dumbfounded by Finnick’s response. She was about to go after him, but her make-up artist got in her way and told her, “Yasmin! It’s a call from the representative of the production company!”

“Alright!” Staring at Finnick’s departing figure, Yasmin stomped her feet to vent her frustration.

In the meantime, Vivian, who was aside, was equally frustrated because she was about to get her hands on their photos.

However, since Finnick was no longer around, the upset trio had no choice but to leave the exhibition hall. By the time they returned to the office, Shannon ridiculed them repetitively. Lesley expressed her disappointment before dismissing Vivian.

Finnick was already home before Vivian.

He took a peek at her the moment she walked in. “Why are you home so early today?”

She replied as she changed into a pair of home slippers, “Look who’s talking.” In the end, she couldn’t keep her frustration to herself anymore. Frowning her brows, she asked, “Why didn’t you talk to Yasmin?”

Vivian shouldn’t have brought it up in front of Finnick because he lost his cool once again the moment he heard her words.

Has she freaking lost her mind? Why the heck does she want me to mess around with another woman? Has she ever thought of my feelings?

Does that mean she’s willing to forsake our marriage for her sake? Is it because the foundation of our marriage isn’t our affection for one another?

“Do you really want your husband to mess around with another woman?” Finnick asked with a grim expression.

Vivian was dumbfounded for a few seconds. Immediately, she waved at Finnick because she caught the sight of his expression. She toned down her volume and explained herself, “I didn’t mean that, but you could have approached Yasmin and behaved as though she was a close acquaintance of yours, so I could acquire the photos I needed.”

After all, I only need a photo to create a buzz amongst the netizens. This will let their imagination run free based on the misleading photo. It isn’t much to ask of, right?

She delivered her statement in a righteous manner, unaware she had offended her husbands with her words.

Finnick replied in a callous tone, “Vivian, does that mean you don’t really care about your husband? You’re not even enraged when he’s at another woman’s side?”

“It’s just a photo, right? It’s not like there’s anything going on between both of you anyway,” Vivian stated casually. She couldn’t figure out the reason Finnick was enraged.

He stared at her in the eyes once he brought his wheelchair to a halt in front of her, probing with a grim expression, “What do you want from me? Do you want me to hold Yasmin in between my arms and kiss her passionately?”

Avoiding Finnick’s gaze, Vivian looked elsewhere as she tried to please her husband. “It’s because I have faith in you! Apart from that, I’m in desperate need of something to make the headline. Since it’s merely a rumor, you can always clear things up in the future, right? I’m sure you don’t want me to lose my job either, don’t you?”

No! That’s not fine at all!

Never would Finnick have thought there would be a day he would lose his cool due to the words of the woman in front of him.

He had a hard time suppressing the urge to give in to Vivian’s request as she had gotten down on her knees, pouting her lips and begging him to be merciful.

Therefore, he held Vivian’s hand firmly and asked indifferently, “How would you like me to hold Yasmin’s hand firmly in such a manner?”

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