Never Late, Never Away Chapter 165

“Really? Where are you guys heading over tonight?” Vivian’s eyes widened in disbelief. The initially dejected woman got all excited when she heard that.

Finnick’s expression darkened as Vivian got overjoyed. She didn’t even bother to conceal her joy as it was written all over her face.

Oh, God! How can she get so excited when I’m about to dine with another woman? She’s going to drive me nuts one day!

“We’ll head over to Granary at seven o’clock in the evening. Can you remember the location of this restaurant?”

“Of course! I went there for a blind date with a jerk before!” Vivian got up from the couch and announced joyfully, “Great! I’m merely a step away from the headline I have been waiting for all this while! Thank you, Finnick!”

Vivian expressed her gratitude before heading upstairs to carry out her morning routine.

In return, Finnick stared at Vivian’s departing figure with his abysmal pair of eyes.

She is the only person in the world who can’t wait for her husband to dine with another woman. I can’t think of anyone else who will think like her.

Usually, other women will definitely teach their husbands a lesson if they find out they are going to dine with other women. Perhaps they’re going to make a scene out of it in an attempt to stop that.

The extreme ones may even threaten their husbands and confront the women, but Vivian is the entire opposite of those ordinary women. If that’s the case, I can’t wait to see where does her limit lies.

Finnick thought to himself before heading out for work.

Similarly, the light-hearted Vivian returned to the magazine company.

As soon as she reached the office, Shannon started ridiculing her once more, “Ms. William, why you’re on cloud nine early in the morning? Did you have a fruitful day yesterday?”

Vivian darted a glance at Shannon but decided to pay no heed to her words because she couldn’t think of a better way to reply to her. She didn’t want to ruin her day either.

She cleared her throat and announced, “Everyone! I have gotten news that Mr. Norton is going to dine with Yasmin tonight!”

Sarah and Ken got pumped up and clapped their hands the moment they heard Vivian’s announcement.

Meanwhile, Shannon was on the verge of losing her cool once more.

Fabian, who was in his office, heard the commotion and summoned Vivian to meet him in his office.

He sized her up and had his eyes glued to her arm. Fabian asked concernedly, “Are you alright? Have your injuries recovered?”

Vivian shook her head in return and told him, “Everything is fine. My injuries have recovered as well.”

Once they greeted one another, silence fell in Fabian’s office.

She recalled the sort of conflicts they had in the office back in the days. Fabian was certain Vivian must have had been heartbroken since he used to torture her in his office due to the grudge he held against her back then.

Eventually, he reflected upon his actions but found himself unpardonable for all the things he had done.

Seeing that Vivian was on her guard as it was written all over her face. Fabian explained himself, “Vivian, I wasn’t the one who put you in charge of Finnick’s article. Lesley was the one behind it. I swear on my name that I’m not up to anything silly! I won’t treat you in such a manner anymore! Can you please forgive me?”

Initially, Vivian found Fabian’s deeds unpardonable as well, but he rushed into the fire to rescue her, putting his life at stake when he could easily forsake her.

Hence, the things he had done back then seemed to be relatively trivial as compared to his heroic deed. She had since stopped holding a grudge against him because the reason behind his actions was the affection he had for her.

Fabian held a grudge against Vivian back then because he wasn’t aware of the truth behind the incident. As a matter of fact, he had never once had faith in her.

Vivian stated, “Fabian, I think we should mind our own business. I don’t hold any grudge against you anymore. I’m willing to forgive you as well.”

Although she was physically present in his office, he could feel the huge gap between them as though he could never reach her again.

Fabian’s eyes flickered. He couldn’t bring himself to reply to Vivian. In the end, he switched the topic and diverted her attention. “What were you guys talking about? Aren’t you worried about Finnick and Yasmin’s relationship? I don’t think it’s a baseless accusation because it sounds impossible for a male and a woman to be mere friends.”

Vivian was aware of the theory Fabian had brought up. It was only a matter of time before a single male and female fell in love with one another and got into a relationship.

Nevertheless, Vivian was certain Finnick wasn’t one of them since he couldn’t tolerate others apart from the two beloved women in his mind.

He had been keeping Evelyn close in his mind and taken great care of her all this while. Hence, Vivian was certain no other men could replicate Finnick’s loyalty.

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