Never Late, Never Away Chapter 166

Vivian stared at Fabian and asserted, “I have faith in Finnick because he’s my husband. I believe no one knows him better than I do. Yasmin is merely a celebrity. She’s not even a match for the late Evelyn.”

Fabian was shocked when he heard Evelyn’s name because he thought Vivian wasn’t aware of her existence.

They’re indeed inseparable, huh? Finnick seemed to have opened up to Vivian and told her everything he had been keeping to himself.

“Evelyn is no longer around. I am talking about you, Vivian. How could you be so sure when you have merely known him in such a short time?” Fabian asked in return.

Vivian avoided his gaze and looked out the window as she stated, “It’s love at first sight. Ever since the day I ran into him, I was certain he was the right one. Honesty is the best policy. I have faith in Finnick just as he has faith in me.

After Vivian walked out of Fabian’s office, he thought of her words repetitively because he recalled trust was never the foundation of their previous relationship.

Perhaps that was the gravest mistake he had made throughout his entire life.

Due to his wealthy background, he decided to keep the innocent and kind-hearted Vivian in the dark as he was afraid she had gotten into a relationship with him to achieve her ulterior goal.

When he received the photos, he didn’t even bother to figure out the truth behind them. He was determined that Vivian had turned her back against him. Things would have been different if only he would listen to her or allow her to explain herself. Their relationship wouldn’t have gone down the drain.

Fabian regretted his action because he should have allowed Vivian to explain herself back then. Nevertheless, things had gotten to the point of no return; he had lost Vivian for good.

Vivian and her team spent the entire day sorting out all sorts of things on their plates. In the evening, they got their equipment ready before heading over to Granary.

By six-thirty in the evening, they had shown up at the restaurant. The waiter showed them the way to their reserved table.

Sarah and Ken disguised themselves, pretending to be an affectionate pair.

As soon as they took their seats, they hid the cameras they brought along in anticipation of Finnick and Yasmin’s arrival.

Finally, Yasmin and Finnick showed up once the clock struck seven. Yasmin followed behind Finnick as he brought himself into the restaurant.

The trio got pumped up as they were merely a step away from the things they had been anticipating.

Yasmin seemed exceptionally alluring. It was evident she had spent a lot of time dolling herself up.

Vivian felt ashamed of herself because she was no match for Yasmin’s perfect figure.

Yasmin managed to highlight her busty figure through the evening gown with a huge opening on the front. Her smoky eyes and her overall makeup matched the ambiance of the restaurant perfectly.

Sarah exclaimed, “She’s undeniably the most iconic female figure of the nation!”

On the other hand, Ken had long lost himself while staring at Yasmin.

“Hey! I want both of you to keep the goals of our visit straight! We have to snap the photos today!” Vivian found her colleagues hilarious and reminded them of the goal of their visit.

After Yasmin placed her order, she had her eyes glued to Finnick all the time.

She greeted Finnick with a smile, “I believe it has been quite some time since we last met, Mr. Norton. You’re not exactly the easiest one could meet.”

Finnick replied courteously, “I believe we’re going to run into one another in the near future since we’re still collaborating for the time being.”

“I have heard rumors of you are engaged, Mr. Norton. Is that true?” The observant Yasmin noticed the ring Finnick had on his finger.

Finnick nodded with a bright grin in return.

They started engaging themselves in pointless conversation before they had their meal served.

Ken had his camera ready as the waiter finally served them their meal and a bottle of wine.

Actually, Finnick spotted Vivian and her colleagues once he entered the restaurant.

He decided to neglect them for the time being and invited Yasmin to drink a toast once the waiter served her a glass of wine.

Ken finally started working as they finished their drinks.

Two servings of piping hot steaks had been served.

The waiter was about to slice the steak on Yasmin’s behalf, but she stopped her and turned around, looking at Finnick in the eyes as she requested, “Mr. Norton, can you please slice the steak on my behalf?”

Finnick gave it a thought before giving in to Yasmin’s request.

He nodded and took over her serving of steak. After he sliced it into consumable portions, he handed the serving of steak over to Yasmin once again.

In the meantime, Sarah and Ken had long lost themselves, indulging in the blissful scene.

Vivian finally got her hands on the sort of news she had been longing for all along, but she had a relatively odd expression.

Truth be told, Finnick had never helped to slice Vivian’s steak for her, but he had the audacity to do it for someone else in front of her.

Sarah had no idea Vivian was gradually losing her cool. She stated, “It seems like there’s something going on between them! I’m afraid Mrs. Norton will be replaced by Yasmin soon! After all, every man is a playboy.”

Actually, the so-called Mrs. Norton was right in front of her. As a matter of fact, she was the mastermind behind the photoshoot.

Meanwhile, Yasmin brought her glass of wine with her and approached Finnick.

“Mr. Norton, since everything is going well on our end. Don’t you think this calls for a celebration?”

Before Finnick could respond to Yasmin’s words, she had staggered to his side, spilling her glass of wine over both of them.

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