Never Late, Never Away Chapter 167

Vivian’s eyes almost popped out of the sockets.

She didn’t expect Yasmin to be such a shameless woman.

Initially, Finnick was about to lose his cool, but he changed his mind because he spotted Vivian’s grim expression.

He supported Yasmin and helped her up immediately. Using his napkin, he wiped her dress dry and attempted to remove the stain on her chest.

Sarah and Ken exchanged glances as they found it unbelievable.

Their jaws dropped open; they had encountered an incident that would definitely make it to the headline.

Mr. Norton’s Shocking Encounter With A Female Celebrity!

They started imagining all sorts of titles for the headline that would soon be published.

Although Vivian was the one who had requested Finnick to ask Yasmin out for dinner, she felt irritated as Yasmin had gone overboard. She had crossed her bottom lines while trying hard to win Finnick over.

All of a sudden, she found herself to be the absurd one due to the conflicting thoughts in her mind. Since Yasmin has offered herself, as a man, Finnick definitely won’t turn her down. He was a man, after all.

Vivian stopped denying her feelings because she felt jealous about it deep down.

She couldn’t take it anymore and reached for her phone, texting Finnick immediately: Please don’t forget you are married to another woman!

Finnick chuckled in front of Yasmin as soon as he picked up his phone and read the text from Vivian.

“Who is it? Is it a joke?” Curious, Yasmin leaned over in an attempt to read the text, but Finnick locked his phone immediately.

Yasmin had been through all sorts of situations before. Therefore, she returned to her seat because Finnick had made himself clear; she should stay out of it.

Fiddling her curly hair, she attempted to charm Finnick once more with her alluring look.

“Mr. Norton, I’m afraid I can’t get married to anyone else since new on the affection I have for you are all over the internet. Are you going to bear the responsibility and take care of me?”

Finnick stared at Yasmin with his penetrating gaze, causing her to flush timidly.

“Mr. Norton, can you please stop staring at me in such a manner? Why don’t you tell me what you’re up to? I’ll definitely do my best to fulfill your needs.”

Vivian, who was on the opposite table, couldn’t bear Yasmin’s seductive look anymore.

Suddenly, Finnick warned Yasmin callously, “Ms. Ziller, please keep in mind that I am a married man.”

Yasmin was rendered speechless by Finnick’s reply. Obviously, she didn’t expect him to turn her down in such a blunt manner.

Men from all walks of life had always longed for her presence by their side. Nonetheless, she had never once taken a liking to them because Finnick was the only one she had in her mind.

Yet, he turned her down without a second thought, sending her to the vicious cycle of despair.

Even though he made himself clear things would never work out between them, she wasn’t going to give up just yet. What about it? I don’t care if you’re married because I will definitely win you over! You can always file for divorce with your wife! There are a lot of people out there who have filed for divorce with their loved ones!

Sarah and Ken couldn’t hold back their excitement anymore; they had obtained more than they sought.

This news is going to be an explosion! This will definitely create a buzz amongst the netizens! It’s finally time for our magazine company to shine!

Sarah turned around and caught a glimpse of Vivian’s odd expression. She asked, “Vivian, are you okay? Are you not feeling well? Don’t worry! We have gotten a lot of photos! I’m sure everyone will be blown away by the news! Have you thought of any suitable title for the headline? What about the pair made in heaven?”

In an attempt to brush her colleague off, Vivian nodded. She was in desperate need of some time alone to calm herself down.

Therefore, she told Ken and Sarah before leaving, “I’m feeling a little bit lightheaded. I need to head out to get some fresh air. Remember to keep an eye on them and get something to eat.”

Finnick noticed Vivian left her table with an odd look. Hence, he could be sure she was infuriated. In fact, he was afraid she might have fallen ill.

Therefore, Finnick wiped his mouth clean and put his napkin aside before bringing himself out of the restaurant. “I need to use the washroom, but I’ll be back. Please enjoy your meal.”

In the meantime, Vivian took a seat on the toilet bowl, fanning herself using her hand. She had a hard time calming herself whenever she thought about Yasmin’s seductive appearance.

Are men such incapable beings? Can’t they resist another woman’s offer? It seems like they’re not capable of upholding their promises, huh?

Vivian suddenly recalled the intimate session they had on the couch last night. She felt a strong urge to reprimand Finnick, but she blamed herself the most because she was the one who had brought up the idea.

In the end, she decided to call it a day since she had gotten the things they came for. She wouldn’t have to stay around any longer because she had completed the assigned task.

What’s wrong with me? Am I jealous? Oh, God! It’s unbelievable! Something must have had gotten into me!

If it weren’t because of Ken and Sarah’s presence, Vivian might very well rush over to Yasmin’s side and claim her identity as Mrs. Norton.

She wanted to tell everyone she was Finnick’s legal spouse and the woman he loved the most.

Once Vivian regained composure, she made up her mind to leave the restaurant immediately because she had had enough of the duo being lovey-dovey in front of her.

Vivian walked out of the washroom, she planned to leave after retrieving her bag in the dining hall. However, the moment she passed by another powder room, a gigantic palm held on to her wrist, dragging her inside.

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