Never Late, Never Away Chapter 168

Before she could grasp the situation, she had been dragged into the powder room.

In a flash, the man closed and locked the door of the powder room.

Vivian couldn’t believe her eyes the moment she turned around and noticed Finnick was the one inside the powder room.

“F-Finnick? W-What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be having your meal with Yasmin? Y—”

Finnick got up from the wheelchair and cornered Vivian before she could finish her sentence. She couldn’t even retaliate against him because he was so swift.

In the end, he pinned Vivian to the wall, rendering her incapable of any movement.

W-What is he trying to do?

Vivian thought to herself with her eyes widened in surprise.

“Are you angry, Vivian? Isn’t this the outcome you have been searching for all this while?” The arrogant man asked rhetorically in a husky voice because he had achieved his goal of provoking his wife.

Vivian clenched her teeth with all her might because she was at a loss for words.

Actually, he’s right. Why am I angry when this is the outcome I have been longing for all this while? In fact, I was the one who has brought up such an absurd request.

She turned around and avoided his gaze, sulking over his date with Yasmin.

All of a sudden, she heard Finnick chuckling by her side.

Raising her head, she saw a bright grin on Finnick’s face. Finally, she linked the missing pieces of puzzles together and glared at him in return. “Finnick, it was all part of your plan!”

Finnick responded with a faint smile because she was right; it was indeed part of his part because he couldn’t wait to figure out her reaction when she got jealous.

He wanted his wife to feel the threat.

As he stared at the frustrated woman in front of him, he got increasingly aroused.

Vivian raised her hand in an attempt to throw a punch at Finnick, but he got ahead of her and grabbed her fist, bringing it over to his lips.

“It was merely part of my plan. Actually, I have no intention to carry on with the meal. Let’s go home, Vivian. I have no intention to stay around anymore because you’re the only one I long for,” Finnick whispered.

“S-Stop it! Y—” Vivian flushed and reprimanded her husband in return, but Finnick stopped her, kissing her on the lips before she could finish the sentence.

He couldn’t resist the urge to kiss her because there was something about her lips that seemed extremely alluring.

Even though Vivian tried her best to move away from Finnick, her effort was to no avail as she wasn’t a match for him in terms of strength.

In the end, they indulged themselves in the session, entangling their tongues together as though they had been isolated in the confined space.

It lasted for some time. Vivian couldn’t take it anymore. She held on to Finnick’s shoulder and supported herself, panting as she asked him to stop, “F-Finnick, I-I think it’s time for us to return to our respective tables. Otherwise, they’re going to think we have been abducted. I’m pretty sure you don’t want them to find out our relationship, right?”

“You know what? I don’t really care.” Finnick had no intention to wrap up their session because he had yet to reach the best part. Therefore, he refused to let her off the hook just yet.

Vivian reminded her husband, “Calm down, Finnick! Think about it! Your relationship with Yasmin has caused a serious uproar, let alone our relationship. We should really return to our respective tables.”

He took a deep breath and tried his best to resist the urge he felt deep down. After a few seconds, Finnick finally returned to his usual calm and collected self.

In fact, he wouldn’t mind others figuring out Vivian’s identity as his spouse, but not through such a peculiar method.

Finnick instructed, “Let’s go home at once.”

To their surprise, as soon as they walked out of the powder room, they ran into Yasmin.

Yasmin blinked in confusion because she thought she was seeing things.

Similarly, Vivian shuddered and felt a chill running down her spine.

Finnick has another woman by his side?

Although Yasmin was taken aback, she managed to put on a calm front after a few seconds. She thought something must have had been wrong with Finnick because the woman in front of her was no match for her in terms of look and body.

In short, Yasmin refused to believe Finnick would fall in love with Vivian as she deemed Vivian inferior to her.

Smiling confidently, Yasmin walked over to Finnick’s side and leaned over as she offered, “Mr. Norton, how could you leave me behind and engage in a conversation with others? Do you know how long I have been waiting for you? Why don’t you drop by my place for a cup of coffee instead?”

She sized up Vivian contemptuously and noticed her competitor was in a set of office wear.

Vivian couldn’t bear the thought of them fighting over a man in public. Therefore, she scurried away immediately and told them, “Please enjoy yourselves. I’ll excuse myself immediately.”

As soon as she finished her sentence and was about to turn and leave, Finnick grabbed her hand and stopped her in the nick of time.

He had been irritated by Yasmin for some time since the beginning of their meal, yet she had the audacity to pick on Vivian in front of him.

Since Finnick had figured out the sort of affection Vivian had for him, he couldn’t tolerate the presence of those who would offend her anymore. He was determined to keep Vivian safe and sound from all sorts of harm.

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