Never Late, Never Away Chapter 171

“What’s so great about her? Why do I have to investigate her?” Yasmin explained, “I ran into her colleagues yesterday. They were the ones who told me about it.”

Yasmin continued, “Vivian looks plain and has a coquettish face. I bet she must have approached you for your money and social status. Trust me, Mr. Norton, I’ve seen tons of women like her! You mustn’t let her deceive you!”

Finnick shot her a cold glare. “Don’t talk about Vivian with your filthy mouth again or that’ll be the last thing you ever say.”

Finnick’s words sent a shiver down Yasmin’s spine. She had not expected for Vivian to have such an important place in Finnick’s heart.

Having no other special talents apart from crying, Yasmin turned on the waterworks immediately.

“Mr. Norton, I only said that for your own good! You’re the only man who respects me as a woman. All the others simply want to take advantage of me…” She cried even louder as she spoke.

However, Finnick was immune to her tears as Vivian was the only one he cared about.

“I promise you that I won’t mention Vivian ever again! Please don’t be mad at me, okay? Don’t ignore me…” Yasmin said with tears rolling down her face.

At that moment, the door to the office was opened. Noah came in with the security guards and was shocked by the sight before them.

Despite being rather open about such things, Yasmin was still a star and couldn’t show herself to others like that. She quickly got dressed and wiped her tears before strutting out of Finnick’s office.

Her face became twisted with hatred the moment she left his office.

I hate you, Vivian! How dare you steal my man? I’ll make you pay for this!

Yasmin’s ego had taken a huge blow from Finnick’s response earlier.

In the meantime, Vivian was writing an article at the magazine company.

The senior editor Lesley had put her in charge of this article as she believed that the person who was present at the scene would be able to write the most impactful content.

The President of Finnor Group had a candlelight dinner with superstar Yasmin Ziller! Yasmin had expressed her adoration for Finnick many times, but there was a wedding ring on his right hand…

Vivian found it difficult to continue writing any further and felt a throbbing pain in her chest. I guess it does affect me, after all!

She actually regretted accepting that assignment as she found herself starting to overthink and getting jealous very easily.

Vivian felt her back aching after not getting much sleep for a few nights for she had to watch Finnick from pouncing on her. Hence, she figured she should eat something nutritious for lunch.

This is probably a good opportunity to make a name for myself. Since I’ve already made use of my husband, I might as well go all the way with it!

She pulled herself together at the thought of that.

Vivian was very satisfied with the photographs taken as they showed Finnick and Yasmin sitting across each other in a very romantic and classy environment, which helped her greatly with writing the article.

Vivian tried her best to stick to the truth as much as possible while spicing things up a little here and there to make it entertaining, or the readers would complain about it.

Hehe, this is my chance to revenge! Sorry, Finnick! Think of this as a little punishment for bullying me every night!

Right when Vivian was getting in the zone with her writing, her phone rang all of a sudden.

She took a look at it and frowned when she saw that it was an unknown number.

Who could it be?

“Hello, this is Vivian from Glamour Magazine.”

It turned out to be Yasmin on the other line. She asked Vivian to meet her alone.

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