Never Late, Never Away Chapter 172

The two met up at Ocean Café, a very popular café frequented by famous people to discuss business as it was fairly dark which provided them with the privacy required.

Yasmin had changed out of her overcoat and put on an expensive dress. She looked like a wealthy lady with her makeup and hair tied up.

Vivian on the other hand, rarely wore anything fancy herself and only watched Ashley show off her expensive clothes. As such, she wasn’t impressed by Yasmin’s attire in the slightest way.

A waiter saw Yasmin lighting up a cigarette and was about to stop her, but held his tongue when he realized that she was a superstar.

It took Vivian every ounce of patience to keep her anger in check when Yasmin blew a mouthful of smoke in her face.

“Vivian, was it? I believe this is the second time we’ve met. I didn’t invite you here to befriend you though. On the contrary, you’re currently my rival in love!”

Vivian could tell that she was here to declare war with her over Finnick. I was writing an article trying to ship these two together just moments ago, and now I’m sitting at the same table with the girl in the article! Vivian chuckled at the thought of that.

“What are you laughing at? Are you looking down on me?” Yasmin was surprised by her response.

Vivian waved at her. “No, not at all! I was just spacing out for a bit. That’s all.”

What a strange woman… Yasmin thought to herself.

“Anyway, you’re just an ordinary girl. A dime a dozen, in fact. Why don’t you forget about your unrealistic dreams of winning the heart of Finnor Group’s President, huh? You don’t deserve to be with someone like Finnick!”

Pfft! Does she even know that we’re already married to each other? Oh, wait… I forgot that she doesn’t know anything about that! I guess I can’t blame her for what she said then. Still, do I really look like the kind of woman who would seduce others? I thought I had always behaved and dressed appropriately!

Yasmin mistook Vivian’s silence for a display of her power as an experienced mistress and pressed on, “What’s your relationship with Mr. Norton? You two seem rather close. Don’t tell me he’s already sponsoring you financially?”

Sponsoring me financially? Does she take me for a sugar baby of some sort? What a joke! She claims to like Finnick, and yet she doesn’t even know a thing about us!

Seeing no response from Vivian, Yasmin decided to boast about the moments she had spent with Finnick instead.

Fortunately for Vivian, Finnick had already told her about their meeting last night, so Yasmin’s words had no effect on her feelings whatsoever.

“I’ll have you know that Finnick was the one who approached me with the offer of being the company’s spokesperson! I know Finnick is into me, as he wouldn’t have done that otherwise!” Yasmin said.

Finnick told me all about that long ago. Looks like he was really being honest with me! Vivian thought to herself as she listened.

At that moment, the waiter brought two cups of coffee over to their table. Yasmin had ordered a cappuccino, while Vivian simply ordered an espresso.

Yasmin took a look at Vivian’s cup and said, “You have such a terrible taste!”

She’s calling my taste terrible?

Vivian had written an article on coffee some time ago. She spent an entire week doing her research to gain a complete understanding on the origins of coffee, its production and manufacturing. Her dream was to start up a café of her own with her retirement funds.

Fabian had brought her to all sorts of cafés and events in Sunshine City. He even jokingly said he was willing to become her coffee cup so she could hold him every day.

Vivian laughed at her and said, “You think ordering a cappuccino makes you feel more superior?”

After everything that happened, the couple that swore to be together forever then had each found their own spouse.

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