Never Late, Never Away Chapter 173

Vivian collected herself and stared at Yasmin.

“I think I’ve said enough for you to understand that backing out is your only option, so just give up! You can’t beat me!” Yasmin said.

She’ll probably keep going on for an entire day if I don’t say something. Unlike her, I’ve got a lot of work to do! Arranging the sequence of their photos in the article, for example!

Vivian took a sip of her espresso before slowly saying, “You seem very confident, but I don’t really see Mr. Norton being that close with you. Could you describe your relationship in detail?”

Just like that, the battle for dominance between the two had instantly become an interview session for Vivian.

“Sure! I’ll never forget the look in Finnick’s eyes when he first saw me. It was so full of passion that he probably would’ve pounced on me if we weren’t in public! That’s love at first sight, got it?” Yasmin replied without a second thought.

Although Finnick did look at her with admiration at first, it wasn’t that passionate like what she had described. He simply felt that he had made a great decision, as Yasmin was indeed the best candidate to be their spokesperson. It was obvious that Yasmin had misinterpreted that admiration for passion, and Vivian felt the need to wake her up from her silly dream before things got worse for both Finnick and her.

“Is that so? You don’t seem that close with Mr. Norton though, Vivian said.

Yasmin let out a deliberate sigh and waved at her. “Well, you know how men have an image to maintain in public! He’s just shy, that’s all! You know nothing about it!”

“Hmm… You haven’t been close enough with Mr. Norton to share a room with him, have you?” Vivian asked.

Her words reminded Yasmin of the incident in Finnick’s office earlier that morning, which made her really angry. “That’s because we’re keeping our distance, got it? What, you think you’re that great? You’re nothing but a mistress! Heck, you’re not even worthy of being a mistress! At the end of the day, the only true winner is his wife!”

Vivian choked on her coffee upon hearing that and nearly spat it out when she heard that.

His wife? That’s me! It seems there are lots of people who admire, envy, hate, and even question my position. It is surely tough being his wife! I’m making so many enemies without even knowing it!

Yasmin thought she had choked on her coffee out of fear and taunted her, “Aww, are you scared? I’m warning you now, you’d better stay away from Finnick or I’ll expose your little scandal and have his wife sort you out! Don’t blame me if you find yourself stripped naked and beaten to an inch of your life on the streets someday!”

Vivian couldn’t hold back her laughter any longer.

So Yasmin is really envious of me, huh? It’s a shame she doesn’t know that Mrs. Norton is staring her in the face right now! According to her threat, I’d be beating myself up! What a joke! Fate sure has a wicked sense of humor!

Vivian had heard enough of her threats and saw no point in continuing that conversation any further.

“Right, I’ve heard what you came here to say. I still have a lot of work to do, so I’ll be taking my leave now. I already paid for my coffee, by the way,” she said while standing up.

Yasmin wasn’t quite satisfied as she had yet to get Vivian out of her way.

“Oh, one more thing,” Vivian looked Yasmin straight in the eye as she spoke, “A relationship isn’t something you can just force yourself into.”

Yasmin slumped back into her chair.

Damn it! Why won’t Vivian just know her place and back off!

Vivian quickly rushed back to her office and continued writing her article in silence.

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