Never Late, Never Away Chapter 174

She showed no mercy to Yasmin in her article either. I’m teaching her a lesson for her own good. As women, we both have it rough dealing with people. Although she has done all sorts of things to hurt me, I won’t stoop so low to do the same.

The day went by peacefully, and it was soon time to get off work. Everyone else hurried home, and Vivian was the last to leave her office.

She noticed that the lights were still on in Fabian’s office and decided to sneak away quietly. Finnick sent her a text: I’ll be coming home for dinner tonight.

Vivian texted him back: What would you like to have for dinner?

He replied shamelessly: You.

Vivian found herself blushing bright red when she recalled how they had shared a bath last night and hurried on home.

Finnick stopped by a flower shop and bought Vivian a bouquet of flowers to cheer her up.

He knew she liked gloveworts, as that was mentioned in her files when he investigated her earlier.

The maid at home had cooked up a huge variety of nutritious dishes for dinner.

If only I could cook as well as the maid. That way, I’d be able to handle Finnick and his picky eating habits! Vivian thought to herself when she saw the dishes on the table.

She liked the flowers he got her very much, and felt like whatever fatigue she had during the day had disappeared in an instant when she caught a whiff of its fragrance. He knows I like gloveworts? Finnick sure is attentive!

“How was your day? Did the people at the magazine company give you any problems?” Finnick asked while munching on the food.

Hearing that made Vivian feel awkward.

“No, of course not! In fact, they were too busy thanking me after my huge contribution!”

Vivian added, “That lovestruck idiot Yasmin on the other hand, came to see me today.”

Finnick was displeased to hear that. I warned her to stay away from Vivian, and she went to see her right after?

“What did she say?” he asked.

“Nothing much, really. She just tried to spite me and make me jealous in order to relieve some of the hatred in her,” Vivian replied truthfully.

Finnick chuckled. “You kinda brought that upon yourself, you know?”

Hmph! Just you wait, Finnick! I’ll have you stomping your feet in anger the moment the article gets released!

Sure enough, the magazine containing that article sold like hot cakes a few days later, and the internet went crazy over it.

Netizens were even congratulating Yasmin on Twitter.

Nice job! Now, go for it and make him yours!

Hehe, I bet those two have already been going at it!

Finnick is so hot! He’s mine!

Shameless! Shameless! Shameless!

Sarah sighed as she scrolled through the comments online. “Vivian, you’ve really done it this time! Our company has gotten famous now thanks to this article. A beauty and a millionaire, eh? What a scoop!”

I wonder if Finnick has read the article yet… Vivian thought to herself.

Meanwhile, Finnick had seen the article and was very unhappy about it.

News about it had spread throughout the entire office, and he even received phone calls from major clients trying to find out more about it.

Vivian sure is nasty…

Finnick grinned when he saw her name on the magazine.

Looks like I’ll have to punish her tonight! I won’t let her off the hook until I make her beg for forgiveness!

He was thinking about the things he would do to her when Noah knocked on the door and said he had brought Xavier Jackson over.

“Come on in!” Finnick said.

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