Never Late, Never Away Chapter 176

“Is that why you shut down my scarf factory? Because you thought I did it and wanted to avenge Vivian? Well, you might as well go the whole nine yards and kill me off while you’re at it!” Xavier shouted.

Finnick motioned at Noah who then untied Xavier and poured him a glass of whisky.

Finnick has gone too far! First he’s protecting Vivian, and now he’s become her private investigator? He is such a lovesick b*stard! Does he not care about his friends anymore now that he has a wife? I won’t forgive him for this! Xavier cursed at him in his head.

Finnick still had his doubts as all evidence pointed to Xavier, and he knew just how much of a playboy Xavier was.

“Try your best to recall, Xavier. Look, I won’t kill you or do anything to you even if you were the one who did it. I just want to find out the truth and help Vivian seek the justice she deserves so she can be happy again. Think hard, Xavier, think! What happened at the Century Hotel two years ago?”

Xavier downed the glass of whisky and tried his best to recall what had happened.

“I swear I have never laid a hand on Vivian, and I would definitely admit to it if I did! As for that scarf… I don’t know how it ended up being there either,” he replied.

Finnick was still unconvinced and asked, “Could it be that you’ve slept with so many women that you simply forgot about it?”

Xavier buttoned up his shirt and tidied up his outfit. “That’s impossible. You see, I keep a record of every woman I sleep with. With the amount of women I sleep with, I’d go crazy trying to remember them all! I assure you I have never seen Vivian, let alone sleep with her!”

Xavier flipped through his diary and checked his schedule from two years ago. “I’ve never been to Century Hotel two years ago. See? It isn’t recorded in my diary, and I don’t remember ever going there either.”

If it wasn’t Xavier, then who else could the scarf belong to?

Noah followed up with another question. “What about the scarf, then? It was produced by your factory and has the initial of your family name on it.”

What? Even Noah is questioning me now? I guess they really do see me as a suspect, huh? This is injustice!

“It’s true that the scarf looks a lot like mines, but that letter “J” doesn’t necessarily stand for Jackson! It can also stand for Johnson, Jordon or even Jenkins!”

Finnick threatened him. “Don’t try and worm your way out of this one, Xavier! You know I can do far more than just shutting your factory down, don’t you? If that scarf isn’t yours, then whose is it?”

Man, it’s been forever since I’ve seen Finnick care so much about a woman… Back then, Finnick would do whatever he wanted without a care in the world. However, everything changed over time, and he even went as far as pretending to be wheelchair-bound to hide his capabilities. Now that he has Vivian in his life, I can see some life in his eyes once again. As his friend, I must do what I can to help him out! Xavier couldn’t help but sigh at the thought of that.

“I have a lot of scarves which I give out to my close friends and major clients every year. As for the scarf you found from two years ago… I’ll need some time to recall and look into it. Rest assured, Finnick, I will do whatever I can to help you get to the bottom of this!” He quickly stormed out of the office after saying that, afraid that they would suspect him of lying again.

Of course, he would still deliver his promise to Finnick and try his best to help him out.

Finnick went into deep thought as he pondered over what Xavier had said.

If what Xavier said is true, and he only gave the scarves out to his close friends and business clients, then… Could it be that one of them was responsible for what happened to Vivian?

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