Never Late, Never Away Chapter 177

I wonder if I know any of them… Although that incident was an accident, I had planned on teaching that man a lesson anyway. It’d be awkward if it’s someone I know, but I won’t let him off the hook for what he did to Vivian! How dare he touch my woman before me? He deserves nothing but death!

Finnick frowned at the thought of that.

Noah didn’t trust Xavier either.

“Mr. Norton, do you really believe what Xavier said?” he asked.

“Xavier and I go way back, so I know him very well. He isn’t the kind who’d do something he wouldn’t admit to. I’m not so sure about his efficiency though,” Finnick replied firmly.

Noah nodded without saying a word.

“I just hope he can find us something useful. At least we’d be a step closer to uncovering the truth.”

Meanwhile, in the Norton family villa, Mark’s assistant, Harry came by to report in on his work. He started off his report with the trivial stuff, all of which Mark noted down in his journal.

“Is there anything else you have to report?” Mark asked.

Harry stood up straight as he felt what he had to say next was extremely important.

“Yes, Mr. Norton. I have big news for you, sir!”

Mark’s eyes lit up. “Well? Go on, then!”

Harry continued, “A few days ago, I received word of a few people having a fight in the Century Hotel lobby. There was a drunk woman…”

Mark almost lost his temper when he heard that. What nonsense is this? How is this big news? Is Harry trying to get himself fired or something?

Harry noticed the impatient look on his face and said, “Calm down, Mr. Norton. Please let me finish.”

“Hurry up then!” Mark couldn’t stand how long Harry took to get to the point in his reports.

“Now, under normal circumstances, there wouldn’t be anything odd about that. However, in this case, all security camera footage in that hotel had been deleted! My genius brain tells me something isn’t quite right here, because Finnick, Fabian, and Vivian were there,” Harry said with a chuckle.

“Why didn’t you tell me about this sooner?” Mark asked. “What else did you find? Who deleted the footage? Was it Finnick?”

Harry nodded. “That’s right, Mr. Norton. On top of that, there’s something much stranger.”

Mark waited silently for Harry to continue. There’s definitely something going on here. Vivian, Fabian, Finnick, the security camera footage… Finnick must’ve been trying to hide something by deleting it…

“A guest at the hotel saw someone who looked like Finnick that night, except he wasn’t in a wheelchair. That man was walking and running about like any other man,” Harry said.

Mark stood up from his chair in shock.

What a surprise!

He grabbed Harry by the collar and shouted, “Are you sure? Is this true?”

Harry could barely breathe and struggled to speak, “T-This is just my speculation… Why else would he delete the security camera footage otherwise?”

He coughed and wheezed when Mark let go of him.

He wouldn’t have done that if he didn’t have anything to hide. The only people Finnick would delete the footage for is Vivian and himself.

“Harry, I want you to investigate this incident thoroughly! Leave no stone unturned!” Mark ordered.

“We’re unable to find the witness, so we can’t really prove anything now,” Harry replied.

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