Never Late, Never Away Chapter 178

Mark was starting to worry and fear.

If that really were Finnick, then wouldn’t that mean he’s pretending to be crippled? Why would he do that? I wonder if grandpa knows about it…

Harry noticed the frown on Mark’s face and asked, “Mr. Norton, shall we try using that method from ten years ago?”

Finnick was just a little punk ten years ago, but he has become a monster after being severely hurt once. Now that he’s being cautious with us, things won’t be so easy.

“You idiot! Do you really think Finnick is that easy to catch now that he has Noah by his side? You could never hope to defeat that guy, and he’s practically glued to Finnick except when he’s sleeping!” Mark scolded him angrily.

Harry felt ashamed of himself. It’s true that my skills martial arts aren’t as good as Noah’s, but I’m smarter than him!

He came up with an idea and said, “Mr. Norton, we could target Finnick’s wife, Vivian. I can tell that he loves her very much and would probably have her by his side at all times if he could.”

Vivian? I’ve met her before. Grandpa seems to like her very much too. From that video, we can see that her background and identity are a complete mystery. She’s definitely not as innocent and pure as she pretends to be, but there must be something special about her if she’s able to win Finnick’s heart.

He nodded and complimented Harry, “Vivian, eh? Yes, that’s a very good idea. You’ve finally said something smart, Harry!”

Harry didn’t know how to respond to that compliment. Wait. Does he mean that everything I said before was stupid? That can’t be right…

Mark realized what Harry truly meant a moment later and urged him, “What are you waiting for? Hurry up and make the necessary preparations! There’ll be a huge reward for you if you get this done well!”

With that, Harry ran off and got to work.

Heh… I now know you’re pretending to be a cripple, and that Vivian is your weakness! Once I strike you in both your soft spots, you’ll be done for!

Mark let out a sadistic smile at the thought of that.

Despite the carefree vibes that Xavier gave off, he was very efficient at getting things done and had arranged for a meet-up with Benedict a day after his meeting with Finnick.

Xavier was the first to arrive at Ocean Café. After ordering a latte and two desserts, he began observing the people around him to see if there were any pretty girls nearby.

Benedict showed up moments later, and his flawlessly handsome appearance caused quite a commotion in the café.

The waitresses wanted to hit on him, but were too shy to make a move because of how pretty he looked.

Benedict had crystal clear skin, an arched nose, beautiful black pupils, and very charming lips. His fitting suit provided the perfect complement to his physique, and his overall appearance left all the women drooling over him.

Benedict was the son of the scholarly Morrison family as well as the older brother of Evelyn Morrison. The two had lost their parents at a very young age, and Benedict had to look after his sister all by himself.

After meeting up with Xavier, Benedict sat down gracefully and began ordering from the menu.

Xavier noticed that the girls were still staring at Benedict and teased him, “Man, you sure are overpowered with that charm of yours. Even a handsome man like me has been defeated by your good looks! Heck, I think I’m starting to fall in love with you!”

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