Never Late, Never Away Chapter 18

Go home?

Vivian stopped struggling and her eyes widened in surprise, but sadness seeped in later on.


I don’t have a home anymore…

Although she had moved in with Finnick, she had never taken his villa as her real home. To her, it was just a roof over her head when she had nowhere else to go. It was never her home.

But for the first time, Vivian felt a warm feeling blossoming in her heart like the first spring after a long cold winter. Her startled eyes surveyed Finnick’s face as he reciprocated her gaze quietly.

Their marriage had happened out of the blue. Yet looking at him, Vivian thought it was not a bad idea to have someone by her side after all.

Her face relaxed and she finally gave in, wrapping her arms around his neck.

Now that she caved, Finnick’s eyes glimmered subtly with joy. His brows curved into a smile and he moved toward the car proudly.

Not long after they got in, the car sped off, moving further away from Yves Mansion.

As the black Bentley gradually went out of sight, a lurking shadow emerged from a dark corner along the empty road.

Under the lonely street light, Fabian stood as he watched the couple depart.

After Vivian left the Miller family, although Fabian did not run after her, he still felt uneasy. The night had fallen and he worried about her safety. So Fabian gave a random reason and excused himself not long after she left alone.

He saw her walking strenuously in the dark but he could not bring himself to send her home after everything that happened between them. So Fabian decided to just watch her from afar—until the man in the wheelchair appeared.

Although Fabian could not see the man clearly from a distance, he knew instantly it was Finnick the very moment he saw his car and his iconic wheelchair.

His fists clenched so tight red marks grew under his pale skin.

Why? Why must it be him? Vivian, you’re already married, so why do you have to get involved with this man?

His anger burned within him as he bit his lip.


A soft voice echoed carefully from behind.

Fabian suddenly came around and turned toward the voice in alarm. It was Ashley.

“Ashley, you’re here.” He moved toward her, then held her cold hands and rubbed them against his as he tried to warm her up. “You need to put on more clothes. Let’s go.”

“I’m worried, so I came to check on you,” Ashley said tenderly as Fabian held her in his arms.

But her shaky voice betrayed her.

Ashley had seen everything earlier on. She saw someone picked Vivian up, and she saw the hatred and fury in Fabian’s eyes.

Vivian William, why can’t he just get over you?

I’ve taken your place, but why does he still only have eyes for you?

She bit her lip and her face turned pale in bitter jealousy.

Vivian William, you’d better stay away from Fabes. Don’t forget I still have some dirt on you. I can make you lose everything you have overnight!

By the time Vivian got home, her body was already shivering uncontrollably. She had been out in the cold for too long and it was not helping her health.

She dashed to the bathroom and took a hot shower to warm herself up. When she came out of the bathroom, Finnick was already done showering and was blow-drying his hair.

When Finnick saw her, he quickly switched off the hairdryer and ruffled his hair. “Come dry your hair,” he said, waving the hairdryer at her.

“It’s fine. It’ll dry on its own,” Vivian replied, waving her hand back dismissively. She was already tired from a long day.

Besides, she still had to wash her clothes. But just as she was about to leave, Finnick grabbed her by her wrist and pulled her back.

“You’re having a cold. It’ll get worse if you don’t dry your hair.” Without waiting for her to agree, Finnick pulled her over with a strong tug and sat her on the chair in front of the dressing table. He positioned his wheelchair behind her and switched the hairdryer back on.

Vivian sat in the chair as she stole a surprising look at Finnick from the mirror. He was rustling her hair gently as he held the hairdryer in another hand. Strands of her hair beat against her face ticklishly and Vivian sneezed.

“See, I told you. Your cold is gonna get worse. You need to stop being a kid and learn to take care of yourself.”

His words brought back fond memories.

It had been a long time since someone nagged her like that.

Tears started welling in her eyes as waves of emotion overwhelmed her. Gosh, why am I crying because of those stupid people? They are not even my family. Vivian blinked her eyes hard as she looked at Finnick’s sculpted and charming face while he dried her hair. “Finnick, may I ask you something?” Vivian blurted out a question before she could even stop herself.

“What is it?”

It was already too late for her to remedy the situation. She bit her lip and asked anyway, “Will you hate me if I did something shameful? I mean, hypothetically speaking.”

Finnick’s brows twitched a little as he heard her timid voice coming through the noise of the hairdryer. He cocked his head and looked at Vivian in the mirror.

Her complexion was pale and her eyes wandered aimlessly through the cosmetics on the dressing table. He could tell she was anxiously waiting for an answer, but she was afraid of hearing it at the same time.

Finnick knew full well what she was referring to. He already did a background check on her, but he chose not to bring it up. In fact, he would never bring it up—not until she was ready to open up to him.

His mind raced rapidly as he thought about her question and his lips curved up in a tacit smile. Does this mean she’s finally opening up to me?

“It doesn’t matter what you’ve done in the past. You’re my wife, and this will never change,” Finnick said slowly but surely.

It doesn’t matter what you’ve done in the past. You’re my wife, and this will never change.

Those words came out so effortlessly from his mouth. But to Vivian, they meant the world to her.

She lowered her head like a guilty child with her gaze locked on her fidgeting fingers. “Thank you, Finnick.” Her voice broke as she pronounced every word.

Thank you for holding out your hand to me when there was no hope for me.

Thank you for being here when I need you the most.

Thank you for giving me a home when I had none.

Finnick’s assuring words reverberated in her mind and she heaved a sigh of relief. She could finally sleep with a full heart after such a long day. After Finnick was done drying her hair, Vivian hit the hay immediately and fell into a deep sleep.

Finnick sat at the corner of the bed as he watched her sleeping sweetly.

He reflected on everything that happened thus far. Things took an unexpected turn but something had been bugging him. He could not explain the burning sensation he felt when he saw her utterly helpless and alone back at Yves Mansion. The feeling pierced through him like a thorn and it made his heart ached.

What’s wrong with me?

Vivian was merely someone he married to shut his grandpa up, but Finnick felt she meant more than that to him now. Otherwise, he would not care so much about her.

Finnick drummed his fingers in an exasperated manner as he tried to make sense of how he actually felt toward Vivian. He finally reached for his phone and called Noah.

“Noah, I need you to do something. Gather everything you can about Vivian’s past. I want a detailed account this time around.” His commanding voice rang deep and apathetic in the quiet room.

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