Never Late, Never Away Chapter 180

So he really has forgotten about Evelyn, huh? Finnick left her to die in the fire back then, and now he’s gotten married ten years later…

Benedict was displeased at the thought of that.

“Hmph! So he’s forgotten about those who died for him now that he has a successful career and found someone he likes. What a scumbag!” His tone was filled with hostility.

That put Xavier in an awkward position, and he began to regret telling him about Finnick’s marriage.

The two of them continued to chat for a little while longer before going their separate ways.

Vivian heard Sarah gossiping the moment she came in the office the next morning.

“We’re in for a treat, people! I saw Mr. Norton’s fiancée come by just now! She’s dressed from head to toe in branded goods and looks really fashionable. She had a gloomy look on her face when she went in his office, so they probably had a fight or something. Be careful not to get caught in the crossfire!”

Vivian sulked upon hearing that. What’s Ashley doing here? Is she trying to pick a fight? I’d better avoid her. Maybe I should come up with an excuse to be out of office.

Shannon stared at Vivian from her desk with glee. Ha! Look who’s cowering in fear now that the Chief Editor’s wife is here! Serves you right!

Meanwhile, Ashley was close to tears in Fabian’s office as she questioned him, “Fabian, what’s the meaning of this? Why are you breaking up with me through a text message? What did I do wrong? Do you know how much that hurts me?”

Fabian sneered when he saw her.

Wow, the bold Ashley has the guts to show up here and act all pitiful… I bet those who don’t know the truth would easily be fooled by her! Oh, Ashley… You don’t know when to give up, do you?

Fabian retrieved Vivian’s photos from his drawer and tossed them in front of Ashley. “Drop the act, will ya? How much longer do you plan on pretending, huh? You’re the one who did this to Vivian, aren’t you?”

Ashley went pale and took a few steps back when she heard that.

“No, it wasn’t me! This is a misunderstanding, Fabian! Don’t just jump to conclusions like that! Besides, what can these photos even prove anyway?”

Ashley insisted that she was innocent, but that only made Fabian even more furious.

I had someone investigate the incident, and we managed to track down the people involved in taking the photos and trading them. It was none other than Ashley herself, so she must have been the one behind it all!

She was jealous of Vivian, so she used the photos to ruin her reputation! Rumors about her spread throughout the entire campus, and everyone pointed fingers at her wherever she went! This is all Ashley’s fault!

She’s the one who put Vivian through all that pain and suffering! Had it not been for these photos, I wouldn’t have lost my trust in Vivian and broken up with her! She wouldn’t have ended up with Finnick either!

He hated her the very sight of her.

“A misunderstanding, you say? You may have the others fooled, but you can’t fool me! She’s your sister, Ashley! How could you do this to her?” Fabian shouted in both anger and disappointment.

He was completely shocked when he found out Ashley was the mastermind. He just couldn’t believe that almost married such a cruel and heartless woman. She was so malicious! Beneath that angelic appearance of hers lay the heart of a devil.

He had always thought of Ashley as a kind and genuine girl, and yet she was the person who hired someone to take indecent pictures of her sister and spread rumors about her.

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