Never Late, Never Away Chapter 181

Vivian had been pitifully kept in the dark all along and had even interacted with her as if they were a tight-knit family.

Fabian would never allow such a woman to linger around him as it would inevitably cause peril to Vivian.

Hence, Fabian ended his relationship with Ashley. Although a break-up should be done personally via a face to face meeting, he did not want to witness Ashley’s expression. Thus, he ended their relationship with a text message. Who knew that she would come straight to his house to ascertain the truth?

But Fabian still resolved to end the relationship with her. On the other hand, Ashley’s feelings were in a flurry.

When she received Fabian’s text, she had felt anguished. She believed that Vivian was the reason for their breakup as that woman had seduced Fabian and entranced him when they were at the magazine company.

To her horror, the true reason behind Fabian’s request was because he had looked into her when he was investigating the photograph incident two years ago.

I will never admit to that! If I do, Fabian will never forgive me and I will lose him forever!

She had put in so much effort and time in pursuing Fabian. Thus, she could not give up now as she did not want to lose him.

I will adopt all necessary methods to ensure that I will never lose him!

At that moment, it was as if her resolve hardened. She lamented to him, “I’ve never done any of that. It wasn’t me. You don’t have any evidence to drag my name through the dirt! I won’t allow you to break up with me.”

What does she mean by not wanting us to break up? Fabian stared at her in utter confusion.

She did not allow him to rebuff her as she had yet to finish speaking her mind.

Coddling her belly, she said sincerely, “I’m pregnant! I have your child! We have a child!”

Pregnant! She is pregnant! Fabian instantly suspected that she was lying; it was too much of a coincidence! He could not accept such a reality.

Fabian shook his head and he uttered, “That’s impossible. You’re lying! All your manipulative schemes will not work on me!”

Ashley displayed her pertinacious personality to its fullest at that moment.

She argued, “How is it impossible? Have you forgotten what you did to me? Have you forgotten the night when we went for karaoke and the wonderful time we spent at the hotel after? I became pregnant on that fateful day. This is your child! You cannot abandon both of us irresponsibly!”

She then grabbed his hands, placed them gently on her belly and said, “This child belongs to the both of us. Do you want him to grow up without a father figure if you end things between us now? Our child is innocent and you shouldn’t let any bias or prejudgment blind you from that! Please snap out of it!”

Dear Fabian, you can never escape from my clutches. Surrender to your fate.

Ashley smiled gently and whispered, “After a few more months, we will be able to hear our baby’s heartbeat. I’m carrying your flesh and blood, Fabian. I’m so happy to start a family with you and I love this child.”

Boom! The thought of having a baby struck Fabian like a bolt of lightning.

As part of her scheming plan, she immediately embraced him and gazed at him lovingly as if the photograph incident had never occurred.

She successfully patched things up with him and he agreed to never talk about the breakup with her again. Having achieved her motive, Ashley strutted out of Fabian’s office. She was on cloud nine and even greeted his colleagues in the office happily. Everyone around her gossiped that she was a gold digger and had an egotistical mindset; she was someone that they could not afford to offend.

Ashley swept her gaze around the office and realized that Vivian was nowhere to be seen. If she’s here, I really will give her a piece of my mind.

Just as she was feeling regretful of not having the chance to do that, she coincidentally bumped into Vivian who was carrying a load of folders in the corridor.

Vivian also spotted her instantaneously.

It seemed like such a situation was inevitable.

At that moment, Ashley wanted to murder her. It is all because of her that Fabian grew suspicious of me. If I hadn’t vehemently denied the situation in front of him and utilized my backup plan, my relationship with Fabian would have ended!

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