Never Late, Never Away Chapter 182

Vivian wanted to take the lift up. Just as she changed her mind and wanted to return to the office, she was blocked by Ashley.

Ashley demanded, “Don’t leave in such a hurry, my dear Vivian. Let’s have a chat. Aren’t you concerned about my motives for being here looking for Fabian?”

“I’m not interested. If there’s nothing else, I’m going back to work,” muttered Vivian.

“You’d better stay away from Fabian! This is my final warning to you. If you dare to approach Fabian again, I will personally teach you a lesson!” threatened Ashley.

Is this what sibling love is like? Vivian had always felt that her family situation was extremely abnormal and she could never get along well with her sister.

She rebuked, “I’m already married to my own husband. Goodbye, Ashley.”

Ashley fiercely glared at Vivian’s retreating figure. The more she tried to shrug it off, the more guilty she felt. She was convinced that Vivian was putting up a facade. Since I made such a great effort to travel all the way to the magazine company, it would be too easy on her to let her just walk away!

Therefore, Ashley thought of a scheming plan on the spot.

In the afternoon when Shannon was leaving work, she received a call from Ashley. Both of them agreed to meet at a cafe.

Ashley passed Shannon a white envelope.

When Shannon opened it, she discovered a huge amount of money. She had an inkling of what Ashley wanted her to do. It was obvious that this wad of cash had something to do with Vivian.

Shannon smiled and stated, “You’re too kind. I’ll do anything that you need me to do.”

With a smug smile on her face, Vivian instructed, “Actually, I need you to help me with a simple matter. You just need to keep a watchful eye over Vivian and my fiancé. If you see anything, anything at all, you must immediately report it to me. As you know, Vivian that sl*t has her seductive gaze trained on my fiancé! I cannot lose to this promiscuous woman.”

Shannon meticulously placed the envelope into her leather bag and smiled at Ashley.

She patted her chest and reassured her, “Don’t worry, I hate Vivian too! Her behavior is distasteful and she has been giving out unsolicited favors to the men in our magazine company! Without such slutty behavior, she wouldn’t have lasted in the company for so long!”

Ashley chuckled. She needed an ally just like Shannon to defeat Vivian.

So, she responded, “Thank you. I certainly look forward to working with you. The most pertinent issue is to keep this a secret from my fiancé. Do you understand?”

Shannon nodded her head and replied, “I understand. Don’t worry and just leave it to me!”

“That would be great,” said Ashley.

Shannon sat at the cafe for a while after her discussion with Ashley and left after finishing her coffee. By helping her, I have a higher chance of getting a promotion and a salary raise right?

After Shannon left, Ashley sat in the cafe alone.

She caressed her flat stomach and thought of the terrifying events that thankfully left her unscathed. At the thought of it, she felt a prick in her heart.

I’m indeed not pregnant and I’m indeed lying to Fabian.

I thought that by drugging him that fateful night, I could’ve gotten pregnant. I failed again; I can’t believe that I’m still not pregnant!

Thinking back to the time when she was in Fabian’s office, she genuinely had no choice but to fabricate her pregnancy. She hoped that Fabian would stop investigating the photographs of the drugs and focus on her and her child instead.

Clearly, Fabian is still deeply in love with Vivian. I must come up with a plan to remove Vivian from Fabian’s life and then seduce and stop him from leaving me.

Fabian sat at the corner of the bar counter all alone, drinking a glass of whisky on ice.

Ashley is pregnant! He still could not accept this as the truth.

His heart felt extremely heavy. All he desired was to get drunk and become numb. He was exhausted. Not only did he fail to win the heart of the love of his life, but he also could not escape from the clutches of the one he had no feelings toward.

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