Never Late, Never Away Chapter 183

The child is innocent. Fabian knew he could not act irresponsibly and ruthlessly abandon the mother and child.

However, he detested Ashley! Initially, he only wanted to exploit her to take revenge against Vivian who had cheated on him because Ashley’s scar between her eyebrows reminded him of Vivian! To his disbelief, God had played a big joke on him!

Vivian did not cheat on him; she was just a victim! Thinking back to the past, he realized he had failed to be there for her when she needed his comfort and protection. Two years later after meeting Vivian again, he made the same mistake once more! Fabian abhorred himself.

In Fabian’s drunken gaze, he vividly saw the Vivian he fell in love with. She was decked out in a blue dress and was running gracefully toward him as she excitedly shouted his name…

In the past, she loved to tie her hair in a high ponytail and enjoyed going to the cinema. She would always drag him to the cinema to catch the latest movie after class ended. Moreover, she even told him that when they grew old, they could still sit in the cinema to watch their favorite movies!

He remembered grinning at her and saying that it would be ridiculous for the cinema to still be here unchanged. Both of them then guffawed together.

As his memory blurred, it suddenly morphed into Ashley’s face. She was gazing at him seductively as she hooked him with her finger, calling out his name and their baby…

In his drunken state of mind, Fabian felt extremely anguished and tortured as enjoyable memories with Vivian morphed into the constant pestering by Ashley.

Will you ever forgive me, Vivian? I miss you so much.

He rambled softly, “Vivian, Vivian…”

Vivian was working an extra night shift. As her colleagues were leaving the office, Sarah reminded her not to burn the midnight oil and to go home earlier.

Finnick had a meeting tonight and was not at home as well.

As the night fell, Vivian decided to go home and started packing up her belongings. Just as she was about to switch off the office lights, Fabian suddenly barged into the office reeking of alcohol and gave her a shock.

She hurriedly went forward to assist Fabian and exclaimed, “Have you been drinking? Why did you drink so much? Why are you here in the office? Let me send you home.”

Fabian opened his eyes and fixed his gaze on her. It’s Vivian. He was delighted and gushed, “Vivian, it really is you! You haven’t left.”

Vivian was clueless as to how drunk he was but she noticed that he was slurring his speech.

“What do you want from me, Fabian? It’s late, so let’s talk tomorrow,” Vivian replied hurriedly. She wanted to get out of here. However, he was extremely inebriated and she felt uneasy leaving him here.

Fabian grinned. He joked, “Are you avoiding me? I know you detest it when I get drunk. You said I have a poor alcohol tolerance and a bad taste in alcohol. Everything you said in the past is firmly etched in my memory.”

Vivian sighed and griped, “What is the point of mentioning the past? Isn’t it good that we are leading our own lives now?”

“It’s great, isn’t it?” ranted Fabian with a wry smile. “What is the point of living if it is without you?” he muttered.

“Stop saying that, Fabian…” Vivian pleaded as she felt a tinge of sympathy for him.

To her surprise, he abruptly grabbed her shoulders tightly and bellowed, “Why can’t I say that? Although I didn’t trust you in the past, have you really stopped loving me?”

She was stunned and her heart skipped a beat.

“Vivian, I know you still love me. Please, get back together with me. I know I was in the wrong. I’m a jerk,” he pleaded.

“Fabian, stop with your drunken stupor. We should go. I will send you home. Get a good night’s rest and you will wake up with a clear head,” Vivian told him.

He took a step forward and cuddled her tightly with absolutely no intention of letting go.

“Let go of me, Fabian! You have had too much to drink!” Vivian shrieked. She attempted to struggle out of his tight embrace but he tightened his arms around her to the extent that she had difficulty breathing.

He continued embracing her firmly and sputtered, “It is better to get drunk because I can hug you as I did in the past! Vivian, I’ve never forgotten about you. Please do not leave me, Vivian. Please forgive me and don’t leave me…”

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