Never Late, Never Away Chapter 184

For a moment, Vivian’s heart softened. After all, Fabian was the lover with whom she spent the best moments of her life.

However, nothing stayed the same; everything had changed. She met Finnick, and he…

Thinking of Ashley, she pushed herself away from Fabian’s embrace. “Fabian, you still have Ashley. Aren’t you marrying her soon? I can see that she loves you. Both of you will be happy.”

When Vivian mentioned Ashley, Fabian became exceptionally agitated. He seemed disgusted by her.

He shouted, “Don’t mention her name! Do you know why I’m marrying her? That’s because the two of you look alike. I want to use her to take revenge on you. I’ve never loved her; I only have you in my heart. Vivian, I’m remorseful. I hated you so much back then because I love you. I love you, Vivian!”

Vivian was surprised to hear Fabian’s confession. His eyes were as sincere and passionate as they used to be.

He had been hiding his love away from her in fear; he thought she was someone bad, and he could not believe in her. Only at that moment when he risked his life to save her from the fire, did Vivian think the old Fabian was back.

“Vivian, you’re mine. You’re mine… I want to go back to college. Let’s go back together, shall we? Let’s go back to the campus. We’re the perfect match.” The way Fabian was looking at Vivian was intense and eager.

Fabian realized Vivian looked extraordinarily beautiful tonight. He was lost in her beauty.

The two of them were the only ones in the office. The sky had darkened, and outside the window were the city lights. It was a perfect moment to do certain things. Anyone in a place like this would have a rush of heat that surged in their veins.

Whose youth was not wonderful? Regardless of how marvelous or tragic it was, every piece of memory would become a nostalgic moment of history after years.

When the two became a couple, they were practically the talk of the college. He rode his bicycle to pick her up to college and sent her back home. They ate together, watched movies together, and did social work together. They were like twins, destined to be together forever.

That bliss was frozen at that moment two years ago. After that, their happiness had shattered and faded away. Fabian’s earlier ruthlessness and indifference had become a scar in Vivian’s heart that was impossible to fix.

Vivian said, “Fabian, we’re both adults. Let the past stay in the past. We can’t do this again.”

“No, Vivian. Don’t. Don’t be so cruel to me…” Fabian took slow steps toward her. “Give me a chance. Give me one more chance. I’ll love you properly this time. I’ll protect you. I’ll give you everything Finnick can’t give you.”

Vivian took a few steps back, and she eventually hit the wall in the corner. A tinge of fear coated her heart, and she muttered, “Fabian, don’t come any closer. You’re drunk. I don’t blame you for this. Don’t come any closer. I’ve fallen in love with Finnick. I’m sorry, Fabian.”

She fell in love with someone else!

She’s telling me she loves Finnick!

Fabian broke down. She’s not accepting my pleads.

Perhaps it was the alcohol, or perhaps it was Fabian’s unwillingness to admit defeat. When he saw Vivian avoiding him, he rushed forward and forced her into a hug.

His force was great, and his body was crushing hers. She could not move.

“Fabian, stop. Fab…” Before she could finish her sentence, Vivian’s lips were sealed by Fabian’s.

He was forcefully kissing her. He ruthlessly smashed his lips against her lips and face. Even if Vivian were struggling and begging, he could not stop kissing her. He wanted to kiss her for the rest of his life.

The longing that was sealed in his heart for years made him unwilling to let Vivian go. He would do anything to get her back to his side.

Fabian’s kiss was so forceful yet passionate. She could not dodge them; she was unable to defend herself at all.

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