Never Late, Never Away Chapter 185

Now, his hands were starting to wander. Vivian could sense a change in his body as he increased the force of his actions.

Fabian was so obsessed with her that he wanted to do everything he could to her.

Vivian sensed that she had to resist him. Otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable. How will I tell Finnick?

Mustering her strength and courage, Vivian managed to get one of her hands free.

Slap! She gave him a hard slap. Then, she shoved him away from her.

Fabian stumbled and nearly fell. Some sense returned to him, and he froze in his spot.

It was then he realized what he had done. Hastily, he apologized, “I’m sorry, Vivian. I-I was too agitated. Don’t be angry. Don’t… Don’t leave.”

Vivian’s mind was in a mess. The Fabian in front of her was someone she could barely recognize.

She shouted, “Fabian, I hate you!”

Grabbing her purse on the table, Vivian cried as she ran off.

Fabian collapsed onto the ground and buried his head in his knees as he curled on the ground. Remorse was swallowing him up.

In a dark corner of the office, a woman took a photo of them kissing.

That woman was Shannon.

Ever since Ashley asked her to monitor Vivian and Fabian, she became a spy. She was always around whenever the two were in the same space, and she had finally gotten some evidence this time.

Curling her lips, she thought, Very well, Vivian. You’re dead meat this time. Fabian’s wife is definitely going to get rid of you from the company! You’ll see. Ha.

Hiding in the corner, Shannon promptly sent the photo she took to Ashley.

Meanwhile, Ashley had just returned to the Miller Residence after shopping. She threw her heels aside before lying on her bed to rest.

She let her hair strewn across the bed as she thought about what happened in the day. Fabian knows I’m pregnant now. What will happen next? Will he propose to me? What kind of wedding gown should I wear? I must get my wedding gown from F Nation. I have to get a custom gown that catches the eyes of everyone.

Right as Ashley was dreaming about her wedding with Fabian, she received the photo Shannon took.

The photo could not record any sound, for it was not a video. In the photo, the two were kissing, seemingly passionately.

Ashley trembled as the raw anger shot through her, and she threw her phone.

Damn it!

Have they rekindled their relationship?

Ashley wailed as she held her head. I hate Vivian! It’s her. This is all her fault!

Why is she always in my way? We’re already sharing a dad, a house, and the same inheritance. Now, she’s even trying to steal my man! Vivian shouldn’t have been in this world. She should die. She should die right now!

She’s a home-wrecker. Her mother’s a home-wrecker too. All they know how to do is to seduce men.

Ashley jumped to her feet. She wanted to settle the score with Vivian immediately; she wanted Vivian to turn into dust right away. However, she had only reached the door when her footsteps faltered.

No, no, no. I can’t do this by force. It won’t solve the problem. I made her life a living hell two years ago. I can do it again. I, Ashley Miller, am not one you should be messing with.

She had to find a way to publicize this. It would end up favorable to her only if Finnick found out about this. He would break up with her the moment he found out about her true nature.

If Vivian made Finnick a cuckold, with the man’s family background and capability, he would not be able to take it silently; Finnick would definitely divorce Vivian before making her life miserable. By then, Vivian’s life would be over without needing Ashley to do anything.

With that thought in her mind, Ashley suddenly threw her head back and burst into laughter. The last drop of tear fell from her eyes.

Vivian, I’m going to destroy you. I swear!

That was what Ashley told herself.

The next day, Finnick went to work as usual; he knew nothing about what happened.

His work had been too hectic lately that he had somewhat neglected Vivian. Both only spared a glance for each other before they hurried along with their schedules.

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