Never Late, Never Away Chapter 186

Finnick planned to finish work earlier so that he could keep her company at night.

He enjoyed the feeling of seeing Vivian when he went home. Even if she were only sitting there, reading her book, he would feel a sense of peace wash over him when he looked at her.

Noah entered the office and informed him that a woman was insistent in meeting him.

At the start, Finnick thought it was Yasmin, so he rejected the meeting. However, Noah shook his head. He told him it was another woman.

Finnick froze. Who else can it be? Is it Vivian?

Finnick then asked Noah to invite the woman into the office.

Indeed, the woman who entered was not Yasmin. However, it was not Vivian either; it was Vivian’s younger sister, Ashley.

Finnick never had a good impression of her. He was only polite to her because she was Vivian’s sister.

Finnick motioned to her to take a seat.

It was then Finnick realized Ashley had an odd look on her face as she stared at him. He thought, Something must have happened for her to come to me.

I have to be wary. She’s here with malicious intents.

Right then, Ashley voiced, “Mr. Norton, I have something to show you today. Don’t get angry when you see it.”

Finnick did not reply to her. He only slightly knitted his brows.

What is she trying to do?

By now, Ashley had taken out a photo from her purse and placed it on top of Finnick’s desk.

Instead of looking at the photo, Finnick glanced at Ashley.

A photo again? Is this ever going to end?

Ashley really shares a hobby with her fiancé, Fabian.

Ashley muttered, “What’s wrong, Mr. Norton? Are you afraid to look at the photo? Are you scared of seeing someone you don’t want to see? For example, a photo of my sister with another man?”

Finnick sat quietly in his wheelchair as he observed her.

She looks a lot like Vivian. She’s definitely her sister, but why is she trying to set her sister up all the time? She always see Vivian as her enemy. Is it because of Fabian?

Finnick’s expression darkened as he said, “I know what kind of person Vivian is.”

“Ha. Mr. Norton, well, aren’t you confident? But I’m afraid you won’t be able to repeat those words after you look at this photo,” Ashley chuckled. It was a wicked grin she had on her face as she gestured for Finnick to take a look at the photo.

Finnick hesitated for a second before he took the photo.

It was a blurry shot, but he could see the faces and the actions of the two in it.

Yes. That’s Fabian and Vivian in the photo.

Moreover, Fabian was grabbing Vivian and kissing her.

Immediately, Finnick tightened his grip on the photo and wrinkled it.

Molten anger exploded in his chest.

Raising his hand and looking at Ashley, he gritted out, “What are you trying to do by coming to me with this photo?”

Finnick’s abrupt fury frightened Ashley; she had not expected him to be as angry as this.

She answered, “Finnick, are you blind? Do you not see the affair Vivian is having with Fabian? The Vivian you love doesn’t love you. My fiancé, Fabian, is the one she loves. I just want to show you the true nature of this woman. Don’t be fooled by her soft appearance. I’m just showing you this out of goodwill.”

“Goodwill?” Finnick sneered. His tone was frigid. “I don’t need it. If you will please, get lost.”

The color drained from Ashley’s face.

Why did it turn out like this?

This isn’t the outcome I was hoping for. Why is Finnick losing his temper at me instead?

Ashley had shown him the photo, hoping to infuriate him into leaving Vivian. She wanted to torment her and destroy her. Why did Finnick threaten me instead?

What a love-sick idiot he is for Vivian. He can’t tell right from wrong!

Ashley raised her voice. “You’re asking me to get lost? Vivian’s making you a cuckold. Don’t you care about that? Are you a man?”

She paused before continuing, “Finnick, I know you must be angry. I was too when I saw the photo. I wanted to chop her up into pieces at that time. She’s married to you, but she’s seducing someone else’s man. What is this? This is betrayal!”

Finnick stared at Ashley as the last bits of his patience faded away from his eyes.

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