Never Late, Never Away Chapter 187

It was true that he was furious.

However, that did not mean Ashley had the right to tell him what to do.

If Ashley had not been a woman and Vivian’s sister, he would not have been as nice as this to her; he would not have let her curse away in front of him.

Not wanting to waste his time on her, he muttered in a spiteful tone, “Ashley, you have no right to comment on my relationship with Vivian. This will be my last warning to you. If you target her again, I’ll make you regret it.”

Unexpectedly, Ashley huffed, “I’m protecting my marriage and my fiancé! If Vivian seduces him again, I’ll haunt her even after my death!”

After the words left her mouth, Ashley finally felt a trace of fear when she saw the cold fury in Finnick’s eyes. She quickly added, “Forget it, Finnick. I’ve said my piece. I hope the two of you will be happy. Goodbye.”

Realizing that her plan did not go as well as she thought it would, Ashley turned to leave.

However, right before she walked out of the office, she stopped in her tracks. Quietly, she mumbled, “Do you think Vivian really loves you, Finnick?”

She then stepped out of office, leaving Finnick to wallow in his emotions.

He pushed himself to the window and stared out at the streets. Outside the window was a busy scene. People were walking around, hurrying along in their lives. It was fate to meet someone in life. Moreover, he was not the only one she had encountered in life; there were others too.

Do you think Vivian really loves you?

Finnick ruminated on Ashley’s words for a long while.

He realized he could not give a definite nor confident reply to that question.

Finnick had never been unsure about anything in his life. Yet Vivian was the one who made him feel unconfident.

At night, when Finnick went home, he saw Vivian tidying up the wardrobe.

She was putting all of her clothes on the bed and arranging them into categories.

When she saw him, she muttered, “You’re back?”

Finnick realized Vivian seemed to have many things in her mind. She sounded like she was in a daze, and a smile was not present on her face.

Finnick’s heart sank.

Meanwhile, Vivian did have many things in her mind.

The trauma of being forcefully kissed by Fabian last night had yet to fade away. She was trying to relieve herself from the overwhelming anxiety in her heart by tidying up her wardrobe.

She thought, Should I tell Finnick about Fabian forcefully kissing me? What if he gets angry about it and leaves me? What then?

It was already somewhat taboo to mention Fabian around Finnick. Men were petty creatures. He had not forgiven her for days after the fire incident. This time, Fabian had forcefully kissed her. Will he really let me off this? Vivian did not like Finnick being angry. She wanted him to smile happily all the time.

As Vivian was lost in her thoughts, she did not realize how dark Finnick’s expression was.

Right then, Finnick slowly stood up from the wheelchair and walked over to her. He suddenly held Vivian down and questioned, “Vivian, is there anything you’d like to tell me?”

“N-No…” Vivian panicked even more. Has he found out about it? That’s impossible. Did Fabian tell him?

Furrowing his brows, Finnick stared into her eyes and inquired, “Really?”

“No… Y-Yes.” Vivian hesitated. “Yes. But don’t you already know something?”

Finnick’s throat tightened. For a moment, he was at a loss for how to reply to her.

He could not form the words.

Vivian felt that she should be honest with Finnick since he had asked. Regardless of whether or not he knew about it, the two were living together, and they trusted each other. Therefore, she should tell Finnick the truth—she should tell him that Fabian had forcefully kissed her before she managed to escape from him.

Vivian took in a deep breath and steeled herself before confessing, “Finnick, I have something to tell you. Last night, at the company…”

Before Vivian could finish her words, Finnick pressed his lips against her and stopped them from leaving her lips.

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