Never Late, Never Away Chapter 188

It was a tyrannical kiss.

The moment Vivian spoke, Finnick realized he did not want to hear Fabian’s name in her voice.

He did not want to hear Fabian’s name ever; he wanted to erase Fabian from Vivian’s heart.

Finnick did not want to let any man other than him appear in her heart.

As Finnick attacked her with the kiss, Vivian’s heart melted.

She lay on the bed, pleasantly numb, as Finnick kissed her lovingly. Her body relaxed, and she felt as if she would enter heaven at any time.

It was a strong kiss, as though it was trying to root itself in her heart. Vivian was lost in it. She loved how he kissed her lips. It was like his heart was thumping against hers and sending sparks flying in her heart.

The two kissed each other passionately. Vivian could feel Finnick’s heart thumping faster and faster. She was prepared for him. He tugged her shirt up and revealed the fair skin under.

Right when the two were about to lose themselves in their instincts, Vivian’s phone rang.

Her phone was on the table above Vivian’s head. Finnick raised his head to glance at it. It was from Fabian.

It’s already so late, but Fabian is calling Vivian.

Damn it.

Finnick became more displeased.

Vivian queried, “Who’s calling me this late at night?”

Finnick coldly replied, “It’s Fabian.”

Like a child who had done something wrong, Vivian panicked. She wanted to take the call, but Finnick stopped her.

Without hesitation, he accepted Fabian’s call.

Vivian’s eyes widened.

Fabian did not know Finnick was right beside her. He just kept apologizing.

“Vivian, I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I’m an animal. How can I hurt you like this? Don’t be angry with me. I was drunk. But I was sincere with my words. Vivian, do you hear me? Vivian?”

Hearing Fabian’s voice, Vivian wanted to ask him to shut up. However, Finnick was swift in sealing her lips with his; she could not speak.

Finnick continued pressing down on her lips as he slowly unbuttoned her clothes. One, two, three… Eventually, her bra was exposed to the air. His hand wandered on her body as he continued kissing her passionately.

Vivian smacked Finnick, wanting him to stop. However, he ignored her slaps; he continued to kiss her fervently as he pressed his body onto hers.

Fabian knew nothing of what was going on at the other end of the line. He thought Vivian was silent because she was angry. All he could do was continue begging. “Vivian, I know you’re angry. You don’t talk and you sulk when you’re angry. I was foolish to have done that that night. It’s my fault. Don’t punish yourself for that…”

Vivian remained silent, but odd sounds came from the other end of the line.

Finnick took off all of Vivian’s clothes and threw them onto the floor, leaving them scattered.

His two hands held down Vivian’s, making her unable to break free of him.

He stared at her with such intensity as though he wanted to swallow her whole. A bright fire was burning in his eyes.

The more Vivian wriggled, the more force Finnick used. The angrier Finnick became, the more he wanted to torment Fabian.

Fabian leaned closer to the phone and asked, puzzled, “Vivian, are you listening? Have you told Finnick about this? It’s best if you don’t. This is our secret that only we know. We’ll deal with this ourselves, okay? Vivian, can you give me another chance?”

Finnick did not care what Fabian was saying in the call. All he knew was that he could do anything he wanted as long as Vivian was by his side. She was his wife. Give up and get lost, you jerk!

Afraid that Fabian would hear her, Vivian whispered, “Finnick, aren’t you crossing the line? You can’t do this.”

Finnick’s gaze was fixed on Vivian’s body. Doesn’t she know what I’m doing? Finnick wanted her to know who was her husband, and who was the one meant to be with her.

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