Never Late, Never Away Chapter 189

He wanted Vivian to react to his teasing. It was even better if she could not help but let the sounds escape her. He was going to do everything he could to make Vivian submit to him.

Vivian turned her head to the side, but Finnick’s lips followed hers. Like a magnet, his lips touched hers again, and his tongue wandered in. She could feel him acutely, and her entire body shuddered. She quietly clenched her jaw and tried to suppress the urge to cry out.

Fabian seemed to have sensed something, but he could barely believe what he had heard. He anxiously yelled, “Vivian, what’s wrong? Vivian!”

Vivian was embarrassed to let a third party hear her while Finnick and her were engaged in an act like this. What the hell is this?

She gritted her teeth, not wanting herself to make those sounds. She was angry, but she could not stop Finnick’s invasion. Instead of stopping, Finnick continued with even more vigor.

Finnick’s action was a disregard of her feelings. Vivian felt humiliated. She trusted Finnick, but he was doing this to her. She could not accept it.

“Finnick, stop. Y-You’re being mean to me…”

Vivian wondered if Finnick thought of her as an easy woman because of her incident two years ago. She wondered if he thought of her body as uncleaned and therefore her dignity no longer existed. At that moment, he was no different from that horrible man.

The only difference was that Finnick was someone she loved while that man from two years ago was not. Regardless, this was not a good reason for Finnick to do this to her without her consent.

“Finnick, do you have to be like this? I beg you. Please don’t…” Vivian pleaded.

However, Finnick was unmoved by her words. He only uttered, “Vivian, this is your punishment.”

It seemed like Finnick had found out about Fabian forcefully kissing her. Vivian could understand his anger and jealousy.

However, that did not mean that he could punish her in this awful way.

Her husband who protected and loved her like a guardian angel had turned into a demon that night.

With that thought in her mind, Vivian could not stop the tears from escaping her eyes.

Fabian was in a panic and shouting on the other end of the line. “Finnick, you assh*le! Let Vivian go! Come at me! I’m waiting for you! What kind of man are you to hurt Vivian instead? F*cking talk, Finnick!”

Finnick wanted Fabian to remember to not lay a finger on his woman for the rest of his life.

How dare he kiss Vivian forcefully? Who does he think he is? He’s just Vivian’s ex-boyfriend. Finnick wanted to remind Fabian that he was Vivian’s husband.

Fabian bellowed, “Vivian! Finnick, how dare you! How dare you!”

Vivian tried her best not to make overly loud sounds, but Fabian could still hear the quiet moans and Finnick’s deep voice. Fabian was quivering with rage.

He could not bear to listen anymore; his heart was already in pieces.

Fabian threw his phone onto the ground and starting crying.

The woman he loved was currently sleeping with another man. The other man had all of her. That was meant to be Fabian’s right, yet he could do nothing now.

The call finally ended.

At the same time, Finnick stopped attacking her.

Vivian shoved Finnick away from her as she hurriedly put on her clothes. Her face was tear-stricken.

He had achieved his aim. But why don’t I feel happy about it? Finnick asked himself.

Standing up, Vivian looked at the man on the bed and roared, “Finnick, you’ve gone overboard!”

With that said, she ran off.

Vivian spent the night in the guest room while Finnick lay awake until the sun came up.

The next day, Vivian left the house early. The two never encountered.

At night, when Finnick came back, Vivian was already at home. After dinner, she retreated to the bedroom.

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