Never Late, Never Away Chapter 19

Morning broke and Vivian arose after a good night’s rest. She was up earlier by half an hour. After washing up, she switched on her laptop and started penning a resignation letter right away.

She did not care if people would take her as a coward who was simply running away from the situation—she just could not work under Fabian anymore.

Just as she was typing away furiously on the keyboard, her phone rang and the hospital’s number appeared on the screen.

“Ms. William? The patient’s brain waves fluctuated this morning. She could wake up anytime soon.”

Vivian widened her eyes with a huge smile on a face. “My mother may regain consciousness?”

“Yes, there is a possibility. But we don’t want to be overconfident,” the doctor said.

“I understand. I’ll wait even if it takes years!” Vivian exclaimed, leaping to her feet.

“We will assist her in every way possible. We are giving her a different treatment now that her situation is looking good. But you will need to brace yourself for the cost of the treatment.” The doctor’s voice deepened.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got her covered under health insurance. I’ll pay for any expenses not covered by the insurance.” After assuring the doctor that she would figure out a way to manage the medical expenses, Vivian hung up.

She sat back down and looked at her half-written resignation letter. Pursing her lips, she deleted everything in one go.

She could not afford to lose her job right now. It was not just because she had to pay for her mother’s medical bill, but it would also take some time before she could find another job.

Vivian scrambled to get ready and headed for work immediately.

She would face whatever came her way.

Since Finnick had not been home since early in the morning, she finished up breakfast in a hurry and hailed a cab right after.

Her magazine company had recently landed a huge long-term project with another magazine company in Q City. The company took this deal very seriously and Fabian was even going on a business trip to the city to sort out the details of the contract.

Thinking of this, Vivian could not help but heave a sigh of relief.

She hope Fabian would leave for the trip soon, then she would not have to face him at the company.

But things did not turn out the way she expected. Not long after she arrived at the office, Lesley Jenson, the senior editor, rushed over to her. “Vivian, you need to get ready now. You’re going on a business trip to Q City with the Chief Editor.”

Vivian sprang up from her chair and stared at her in bewilderment. “Ms. Jenson, doesn’t the Chief Editor have his own personal assistant? I shouldn’t be the one going on the trip with him!”

The senior editor looked at her and shrugged her shoulders. “Well, if you have an objection, you should go talk to the Chief Editor himself. He was the one who asked you to go.”

Vivian rolled her eyes and clenched her fists.

What is he trying to do?

He’s about to get married soon! What does he still want with me?

Vivian strode toward Fabian’s office without losing a moment. She had to talk to him.

But before she could even knock on the door, the office door opened before her and there Fabian stood right in front of her.

He was stunned at first, but he quickly composed himself and looked at her coldly. “Vivian William, what are you waiting for? We are leaving now.”

Vivian glared at him and replied, “Mr. Norton, I’m not going to Q City with you.”

Sensing the determination in her voice, Fabian was furious. “I’m the one who gets to decide things here. You can resign anytime you like if you disagree.”

Vivian gritted her teeth, trying to swallow her anger back in.

She would have handed in her resignation letter if she could. Then she would not have to stand Fabian Norton any longer. But since the hospital called this morning, she simply could not give up at this point. She still needed the money.

Fabian scoffed as he looked at her at a loss for words. “Since you can’t leave as you like, I’d advise you to start getting ready right now. The flight is at 3 o’clock. Miss the flight and you’ll lose your job.”

He turned and left without waiting for her to give her consent.

But it was not like Vivian had a choice. She had to do as he said. Vivian grunted as she took out her phone and called Molly to pack her luggage.

After getting her call, Molly rushed to pack Vivian’s stuff. She got everything ready within an hour and even brought Vivian’s luggage to her office.

“Thanks so much, Molly. Sorry for bothering you. I really didn’t have time to go home and pack myself,” Vivian said apologetically as she took her suitcase from Molly.

Molly smiled politely at Vivian. The servants adored their master’s wife tremendously. She was always courteous, understanding, and down-to-earth when talking to the servants. “Don’t mention it, Ms. William. This is what I’m supposed to do. Have you told Mr. Norton that you’ll be away on a business trip?”

Vivian gasped.

It suddenly occurred to her that she had totally forgotten to inform Finnick about her business trip. She was so overwhelmed by anger because of Fabian’s ridiculous demand she totally forgot to let Finnick know.

“I’ll tell him,” Vivian said as she waved goodbye to Molly.

She reached for her phone once she got back to her table and called Finnick. But he did not pick up.

Maybe he’s at a meeting.

Since Vivian thought it was not a big deal, she decided to just text him instead of calling him again. After sending Finnick a message, she left for the airport with Fabian.

Over at Finnor Group, Finnick rolled his wheelchair into the president’s office as he talked to Noah.

“Regarding the Q City project, I think we should just cancel it. The other party doesn’t seem to be very keen about the project.”

Noah nodded and scribbled something on his notebook. “Noted. Also, Mr. Norton, Ms. William called during the meeting just now.”

Finnick’s hands stopped and he turned around. “Vivian called?”

He was not caught by surprise per se, but something urgent must have come up for Vivian to call him herself. Finnick took his phone from Noah and saw her WhatsApp message.

Something came up at the company and I need to go on a business trip for a few days in Q City with the Chief Editor.

Finnick was upset after reading her text. It was not because she gave him a late notice, but rather, it was because her goodbye message sounded so mechanical.

He locked his phone and let out a disappointed sigh. Noah sensed something was wrong, so he quickly handed over a pile of documents to Finnick. “Mr. Norton, this is all the information I’ve gathered about Ms. William.”

Finnick took the thick folder from him and flipped it open. His color changed and his face hardened after reading just a few lines into the first page.

He slammed the folder closed and his eyes shone with anger. “We’re going to Q City. Now!”

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