Never Late, Never Away Chapter 190

Finnick, too, did not wish to speak; he remained silent.

Vivian lay on the bed nearing the edge, leaving a large space for Finnick.

Her eyes were shut, and it seemed like she was already asleep.

After Finnick entered the room and glanced at her, he sighed. He took the blanket and pillow and placed them on his lap before he pushed himself to the study room to sleep; he left Vivian to sleep in the bedroom.

In the morning, when the two were having their breakfast, both were equally indifferent to each other. The usual chat and intimacy they had were no longer present. It was as if they had become strangers overnight.

The two gave each other the cold shoulder. Even the servants at home had noticed it. They thought, They’re such a perfect pair. Why did they have a falling out? Shouldn’t married couples make up quickly? It’s been days, but they’re still giving each other the cold shoulder. How worrisome.

However, the servants did not dare to utter a word about the matter. Therefore, the house was quieter than it usually was.

Neither wanted to speak with each other; the two of them were angry.

Finnick thought Vivian was angry because she was embarrassed by how he had made Fabian hear the sounds she made when he was teasing her. Maybe she’s concerned about what Fabian thinks of her.

The thought of it infuriated Finnick further.

Unbeknownst to him, Vivian was furious because he had not shown respect to her. An act like that was meant to be consensual, but Finnick had made it horrible.

One day, Vivian was on her way to work when Finnick’s car sped past her. He did not slow down nor come to a stop beside her as if she did not exist in his world.

In the past, Finnick would always stop by at the junction to wait for her. Then, he would send her to the entrance of the subway before he left.

With a hung head, Vivian eventually reached her office.

Fabian looked out of his office window and saw her when she arrived. He realized she looked pallid recently, and she seemed tired. However, he dared not ask her about it.

Ever since that night, he had been avoiding her, fearing she would be angry or awkward with him.

All he could do was feel anxious quietly.

Everyone in the office was cheering, seemingly celebrating something.

Sarah rushed forward to give Vivian a bear hug.

Her smile was so wide that her eyes were crescents. She said, “Vivian, do you know this? The news we had about Mr. Norton and Yasmin not only increased the sales of that issue, but it also became the highest monthly sales! Vivian, we won!”

Everyone clapped for Vivian’s team and said that they had to learn from them.

Just then, Lesley walked over. “Another great news for all of you. The company has decided to reward us for our outstanding performance! Since it’s almost time for our company trip, we can bring our family along this time!”

“Wow!” “That’s amazing!” “We’re so lucky!” “Ms. Jenson’s the best!” Everyone was cheering.

Affected by the merry atmosphere, a smile finally broke out on Vivian’s face.

Sarah muttered to Jenny, “I don’t need to ask. I know you’re definitely bringing your husband along. I’m a goner. I don’t know which boyfriend to bring. I’m scared whoever gets left behind will feel jealous. Ms. Jenson, can I bring both? Haha!”

Amused by Sarah, Lesley replied, “You silly girl!”

Jenny knew Sarah well. She said, “Forget it. It’s already a miracle for you to bring one along. Stop your nonsense! You’re single despite your age. We’re all anxious for you.”

Sarah giggled.

Shannon suddenly stood up from her chair. With ill intentions, she inquired, “Vivian, I wonder which one you’re bringing. Will you bring the husband you married so abruptly or some other men?”

The noisy office fell silent right after the staff members heard Shannon’s loud question.

Everyone was curious about Vivian’s husband. What does he look like? Who is he?

It was then Sarah recalled the reason behind the news’ success. It was because Vivian’s husband worked at Finnor Group. Without her husband’s information, they could never lay their hands on a photo of Finnick and Yasmin.

Sarah muttered, “Shut up, Shannon. I won’t let you say things like that to Vivian. If not for her husband providing her the information, how can our company be as glorious as it is now? Vivian, am I right?”

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