Never Late, Never Away Chapter 191

Vivian’s heart skipped a beat.

All she could do was agree with Sarah as she awkwardly laughed. “It’s nothing. He didn’t do much. It was something simple for him. Don’t expect too much from him.”

Sarah continued, “I don’t care. He’s the savior of our company. Vivian, you have to bring your husband along to the company trip this time. We have to thank him for what he’s done. He’s really our savior. Aren’t I right, guys?”

“Obviously!” Everyone agreed with Sarah’s suggestion.

Shannon sat back down, upset and huffing. She thought, Yes, yes. Continue smiling. You’ve already crossed the chief editor’s wife. Ashley looks like someone you should never cross. Let’s see how much longer you’ll be happy, Vivian.

Everyone in the office was keen to meet Vivian’s husband.

However, Vivian and Finnick were still giving each other the cold shoulder. She was stumped. She did not know what answer she should give them.

She was conflicted.

She was still angry with Finnick, and she did not want to bring him along on her company trip. However, if she did not, everyone would start to doubt her.

However, if she did, then everyone would find out that her husband was the popular president of Finnor Group, Finnick Norton. The latter is worse!

Pretending to have suddenly thought of something, Vivian said to Sarah, “Sarah, I left my bag downstairs. Let me go and take it. Help me take the calls for a while.”

At that, Vivian left the office with a reddened face.

Her colleagues started discussing. They wondered if her husband was abnormally ugly, and if that was the reason she was embarrassed to bring him along. They even wondered if perhaps she did not even have a husband. Maybe it was an illicit lover or an old friend. Otherwise, why else would that person help her with this? That person would be doomed if Finnick found out about it. Their life would be over.

Right then, Shannon added fuel to the fire. “Look at that cheap ring on her finger, and you’ll know what kind of husband she has. He must not be someone important; he must be a minor character working in Finnor Group. He’s no one to brag about. Why do you even need to think about this?”

Jenny could not bear to continue listening. She huffed, “Shannon, what do you know? You only know how to talk rubbish. Can’t you be someone nicer? Why are you talking bad about someone’s husband?”

Immediately, the group of people lost themselves in their thoughts as they tried to imagine what kind of person Vivian’s husband was.

At Finnor Group.

Finnick looked at the invitation letter for a charity auction on the table with a frown.

This was his grandfather’s friend’s charity auction, and his attendance was compulsory. However, he had to bring someone along with him.

He was stumped.

Will Vivian go with me?

After work, when Vivian reached home, Finnick was already in the house.

Vivian did not know what to say to Finnick when she saw him.

She had been thinking about many things these few days. Maybe Finnick loves me too much. That’s why his reaction was so intense. After all, it was her fault to have been forcefully kissed by Fabian. It was normal for Finnick to lose his temper. If he did not, that meant he was not jealous, and he did not care about her. His anger represented his love for her.

During these few days of giving each other the cold shoulder, the two bore thoughts of making up to each other. Yet, they were too prideful to be the first to apologize.

Finnick gripped the invitation letter as he thought, Maybe this is a good chance for me to fix our relationship.

Vivian had been ignoring him for days, and he had been lonely. The smile was absent from his face, and he kept frowning. It was obvious he was suffering from the cold shoulder.

Finnick handed the invitation letter to Vivian and murmured, “Vivian, this is an invitation letter to a charity auction. Let’s go together.”

Vivian took it, but she did not look at it.

She could not bring herself to forgive him yet; she was still angry. She was angry that Finnick was pretending as if nothing had happened. He really doesn’t care about my feelings. He doesn’t realize that the scar in my heart has yet to recover.

She replied, “I’ve never attended a charity auction as high-end as this. I’m afraid I’ll embarrass both you and me.”

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