Never Late, Never Away Chapter 192

Hearing Vivian’s rejection, Finnick’s expression turned grim. He persuaded, “This is Grandpa’s friend’s charity auction. If you don’t attend it, Grandpa will be angry. He’s nice to you.”

Vivian could not possibly embarrass Finnick’s grandfather. Moreover, she was afraid that he might become angry after realizing something amiss about her relationship with Finnick.

Thus, Vivian nodded, agreeing to go with him.

However, she did not own any pretty evening gown, nor did she know how to dress herself up. She felt conflicted.

His heart skipped a beat when he saw her pursing her lips. She looked as cute as a baby when she was troubled.

Finnick swiftly called Noah and told him to make the necessary arrangements. As Vivian refused to publicly announce her identity, he had to rely on Noah to make the arrangements for dressing her up.

Vivian shot him a look of gratitude. However, she did not forgive him yet.

The two were silent for a moment before Finnick suddenly said to Vivian, “I don’t want to sleep in the study room tonight.”

Vivian’s heart softened. The study room was not as comfortable as the bed. He had suffered in the past few days.

Yet, she replied, “This is your house and your bed. You’re the owner of this house. You can do whatever you want.”

Hence, Finnick returned to the bedroom, and the two slept on their side of the bed.

The next day, as arranged by Noah, Vivian went to a high-end club. She first went to the spa. Her moodiness from the past few days had faded away as she breathed in the fragrance of the essential oils during her massage session. Her mood was now much better than it was.

Vivian, who was a natural beauty, wore only light makeup. With an updo, she looked phenomenally outstanding.

Vivian put on the dress that Finnick had prepared for her. A famous fashion designer, Alex, designed the minimalistic mint green dress. The wearer would look lively yet noble in it.

Everyone present, including Noah, could not help but express their awe.

Noah was shocked. Clothing does make the woman!

Mrs. Norton’s a beauty.

Finnick hurried over to the lobby to wait for Vivian’s arrival.

He was in a suit, looking smart and handsome as usual. Although he was in a wheelchair, it did not affect his charm. He was like a witch who cast a spell over the women and made them look at him.

When Vivian walked through the door, Finnick blinked in surprise.

She’s beautiful. She’s like a real princess. Elegant and youthful. I can’t tear my eyes away from the way she’s moving.

Although the two were still giving each other the cold shoulder, they were in Finnick’s grandfather’s friend’s charity auction. Both had silently agreed to head to the auction together.

The auction took place in a five-star hotel. Finnick pushed himself in as the well-dressed Vivian walked beside him. The pair attracted the eyes of many.

When they entered the auction hall, the first people they encountered were Fabian and Ashley.

Ashley had a look of jealousy and envy in her eyes.

Ever since Vivian met Finnick, she had gone from rags to riches.

In the past, her clothes were all the cheapest kinds; she could never walk beside Ashley on the street. Strangers who saw them would think that Vivian was a maid of Ashley’s family.

Yet now, Vivian had appeared in an auction for the rich in a stunning dress.

Fabian, too, could not tear his eyes away from her. Vivian was gorgeous. It was as if the woman in front of him was not her but the classic princess of an old movie.

Ashley stepped forward and mocked, “Oh my, is this my sister? The ugly duckling has turned into the swan!”

Finnick shot a glare at Ashley.

Ashley’s heart shuddered, and she quickly shut her mouth and turned her head aside.

Finnick pushed himself in front of Fabian and uttered, “Don’t think of getting what does not belong to you. It’s different from an auction. The highest bidder won’t be the winner; the winner is the one who wins over the heart.”

Finnick’s words exuded a sense of oppression.

He and Vivian were legal husband and wife. No matter what Finnick said or did, Fabian had no words to refute. He could not intervene in their matters either. All he could do was to watch from aside.

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