Never Late, Never Away Chapter 193

Vivian ignored the two men’s silent fight. She was preoccupied with the feeling of awkwardness when she thought about Fabian’s forceful kiss and the call from a few days ago.

Furthermore, she had a habit—she always needed to use the restroom whenever she felt awkward.

She informed Finnick, “You can go ahead. I need to use the restroom.”

Before Finnick could reply to her, Vivian walked away with a lowered head.

Rolling her eyes at Vivian, Ashley said to Fabian, “Let’s go in too.”

With that said, she dragged Fabian into the inner hall.

After washing her hands, she looked at herself in the mirror. Something about her looked different, yet parts of her remained the same. Am I Mrs. Norton or that miserable Vivian back then? Who am I? Vivian spaced out.

On the way back to the hall, Vivian encountered someone, and the two nearly collided.

She raised her head to look before freezing.

It was the celebrity, Yasmin. She’s here too.

Yasmin was dressed as glamorously as ever. She had a good figure, and naturally, she would want to show it off. That had always been her way of life. Moreover, she was dressed in this way to attract the attention of others, especially Finnick.

Yasmin was puzzled and annoyed. Vivian is here in a place like this? She’s average-looking with an average figure. She doesn’t even come from a rich or powerful family. Who invited her here?

Could it be Finnick? Yasmin immediately shook off the thought. I heard Finnick came with his wife.

She glanced at Vivian’s luxurious dress with jealousy. “You’re wearing especially well today. Which rich man are you planning to seduce? Vivian, you never change. How can someone like you come to an event like this? Grow a brain and scram!”

Vivian was also sick of Yasmin. She did not want to waste her breath arguing with the woman.

She took a step aside, planning to walk past Yasmin. She muttered, “I’m sorry. Please move aside. I’m going inside.”

Yasmin stuck out her arm to stop her.

“Don’t be in a hurry to leave. I’m not done yet.” Yasmin blocked her way.

“You and Mr. Norton were in a rush to leave the restaurant the last time we met. I didn’t get to see you that well yet. I want to take a good look at what kind of a person you are to bewitch Mr. Norton. This is the first time I’ve seen him so concerned about a woman.”

Vivian tamped down the disgust that rose in her chest. She was also blaming herself. If not for the company, Finnick would not have invited Yasmin to a meal. Things would not have turned out as complicated as this.

Yasmin continued, “Do you know who’s here today? Finnick from Finnor Group and his wife. Although I’ve never seen Mrs. Norton before, I’m sure she’s someone who has a high social status and comes from a respectable family. As for you, you’re just a lowly peasant. How can you possibly be compared to her?”

Vivian thought, I am Mrs. Norton. How do I compare with myself? Childish.

The more Yasmin said, the more excited she became. “What’s wrong? Are you scared now? If you are, get lost quickly!”

Vivian had the urge to laugh. Is she really that concerned about the title of Mrs. Norton? Does she really think she’s his mistress? Even if others enjoyed being Mrs. Norton, Vivian did not. She was Vivian William, and she would not change herself for anyone.

She said to Yasmin, “I don’t care about Mrs. Norton. I’m here to attend the auction, not to fight with you. Ms. Ziller, please move aside.”

Yasmin scrunched her nose.

How infuriating!

What Yasmin hated the most was Vivian’s look of disinterest. We are both interested in Finnick, so what’s the point of you pretending that you’re not?

To Yasmin, Vivian was playing innocent. She looks pitiful and obedient, but she’s just a stepford smiler. Yasmin had come across plenty of people like her.

Pushing Vivian, she voiced, “So what if you look presentable today? When you’re in front of the noble Mrs. Norton, you’ll want the ground to swallow you up. When that happens, let’s see what Mr. Norton does to you. He’ll never talk to you in front of his wife. You’re nothing but a joke to Mrs. Norton. I’d suggest for you to leave now. You’re only going to suffer when you embarrass yourself at the auction later.”

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