Never Late, Never Away Chapter 194

It was morally wrong, but people in this world were divided into categories based on the power and money they had.

In society, those with money were the ones who enjoyed a luxurious life. Meanwhile, those who did not have to live a tough life. What about happiness and health? What category would that be fitted into? Vivian felt that she and Yasmin were people who had vastly different world views.

Vivian questioned her instead, “What about you? Who do you think you are to Mrs. Norton?”

“M-Me?” Yasmin barked out a laugh before continuing, “I’m the famous Yasmin Ziller. I’m somebody. Moreover, I’m the ambassador of Finnor Group. Even Mr. Finnick Norton has to greet me politely, not to mention his wife.”

The one standing in front of you is the Mrs. Norton you’re talking about. What a pity you don’t know, Vivian thought. It’s tough being Mrs. Norton.

Yasmin whipped her smooth hair, and the aromatic scent of perfume wafted across Vivian’s nose. Attacked by the sudden smell, Vivian sneezed.

Mockingly, Yasmin muttered, “I heard the items in the auction today are worth millions. I’m surprised you’re trying to show off with your meagre salary. The guests today are all billionaires, and they spend hundreds of millions on each purchase. All you can do is to watch them. You can’t afford anything here at all.”

Vivian only smiled at her. She was here with Finnick. If not for his grandfather, she would not have come to a place like this.

She did not like auctions, feeling that it was a place that rich people show off their money. Although this was a charity auction, something was still off about it.

“Vivian, what are you thinking about? Get lost if you don’t have the money. You’re not welcomed here.”

Yasmin pushed Vivian again; this time, she pushed her harder.

Vivian’s body leaned backward. She was already balancing precariously on her high heels. With that push, she was about to fall.

Right then, Finnick appeared behind her and caught her with his wheelchair.

When Yasmin saw Finnick, she instantly put on a smile and greeted him.

“Mr. Norton!” Yasmin’s voice was coated with sugar.

Finnick ignored her as he grabbed Vivian’s icy hands. Frowning, he asked, “Where did you go just now? You took quite a while.”

Vivian smiled. His timely appearance made her feel moved.

She replied, “I’m fine. Don’t worry. I met Yasmin, and we had a chat. It’s nothing.”

Finnick reached out to tidy up Vivian’s clothes. He only nodded after making sure she was fine.

Meanwhile, ignored at a side, Yasmin’s mouth was hanging wide.

Is he bewitched? He’s always so protective of Vivian, and the way he looks at her is so gentle. Yet, every time Finnick looked at Yasmin, he was glaring at her with a glacial look.

The envy Yasmin had for Vivian was killing her. Finnick and Vivian were displaying their love in broad daylight. What about Mrs. Norton? Aren’t they afraid that Mrs. Norton will find out about their affair?

A thought entered Yasmin with a jolt. She suddenly realized something. She could barely believe it.

Could it be…

Vivian is Finnick’s wife? Is that why they’re being so obvious about it?

Vivian and Finnick both looked at Yasmin at the same time. With the two standing together, Yasmin could see that they were both wearing identical rings.

She jabbed a finger at Vivian, and muttered in a trembling voice, “Y-You can’t possibly be Mrs. Norton, can you?”

Vivian and Finnick entered the inner auction hall, leaving the stupefied Yasmin rooted to the spot.

What will Yasmin think about after finding out the truth? Will she want to turn back the time to change what she has said? She’s definitely going to cry over the impulsive words she’s said.

When Vivian thought about how Yasmin paled earlier, she could not help but chuckle.

Finnick raised his head and saw her smile. After days of giving each other the cold shoulder, he finally saw her smile. Finnick’s mood lifted.

The two slowly walked in silence.

In the auction, everyone had to donate something. Every money that the auction earned was to be donated to charity. First, they had to go to the storage room to register their item. Then, they would wait for the auction to begin.

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