Never Late, Never Away Chapter 195

The two came to the outside of the storage room.

Several people were already registering their items. The items they were donating were exquisite, and they were things that had a certain collection value.

When the staff asked Vivian where was her item for auction, Vivian’s brows furrowed. She exclaimed, “Oh no, I’ve forgotten to bring something along today!”

The staff member looked at her in surprise. There are people who don’t bring anything to a charity auction? This is my first time meeting with a lady this weird?

Vivian’s face flushed, feeling embarrassed in front of the staff member. The staff must think I’m a scammer who’s here to scam some food and drinks.

When Finnick saw Vivian standing still like a child who had done something wrong, he took out a blue velvet box from his bag.

He then asked a staff member to open it, telling them that this was Mrs. Norton’s donation for the day.

Finnick had prepared the item for her, but the staff had been too quick to ask her about it; he could not hand it to them in time.

When the staff member saw the intricate velvet box, he wondered what kind of treasure was in it. The moment he opened the box, he was stunned.

Mrs. Norton’s donation was an extravagant diamond necklace. On the necklace was a total of nine diamonds, and each diamond was top grade. The workmanship was exquisite, and overall, the necklace was magnificent. Mrs. Norton’s so generous! There’s finally something to look forward to for the auction today.

The staff member nearly drooled while staring at it.

Even Vivian was dumbfounded as well. She had never seen something as pretty as this diamond necklace.

Finnick asked, “Do you like it? If you do, we’ll auction something else. I’ll gift this to you instead.”

“No, no.” Vivian hurriedly waved her hand; she could not afford to wear something like that.

“It’s pretty, but I’d rather donate it to the auction. This way, we can help more people, and it’ll be worth more than its original value.”

These were the parts that Finnick liked about Vivian—her kindness and guilelessness. If it were not her but some other women, she would have been attracted by the diamond necklace. In fact, she would have insisted on owning the necklace.

There were few women who did not love money, and Vivian was one of the few. Finnick had never expected this when he first met her.

Vivian was moved by how he had prepared an expensive auction item for her today. She looked at him gratefully.

Finnick gave her a smile, and his eyes were filled with adoration for her.

By now, the majority of the anger Vivian had for Finnick had faded away.

The staff member placed the diamond necklace at the most prominent spot. He uttered, “Mr. Norton, Mrs. Norton. You may now take a seat in the hall.” Upon hearing that, the two left.

Just as they left, Ashley came with her auction item.

Everything in the storage room was expensive and the best, including jewelry, cultural relics, and paintings. The beauty of them overwhelmed Ashley.

The item that caught her eye the most was a diamond necklace placed in the middle. None of the other auction items were comparable to the diamond necklace.

Pointing at the diamond necklace, Ashley asked one of the staff, “Who donated this necklace?”

The staff glanced at the list and answered, “This is by Mrs. Norton from the Finnor Group.” The staff then said, “Isn’t it beautiful? This is the first time I’ve seen a diamond necklace as heavenly as this. I heard it’s custom-made in Africa, and there are only three in the entire world. This is one of them.”

The staff member thought his explanation would pique Ashley’s interest, but to his surprise, Ashley rolled her eyes at him instead.

When Ashley realized Vivian was donating such an expensive necklace, jealousy surged in her veins. This was a charity auction for the rich. Ashley refused to let Vivian steal the limelight from her; she had to win her!

The staff member now looked upset as he asked Ashley, “May I know what you’ll be donating today?”

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