Never Late, Never Away Chapter 198

Just as they were about to leave, Benedict blurted, “She’s your wife, isn’t she?”

Vivian and Finnick turned around. Finnick glared at Benedict icily for a moment before replying, “Yes.”

As Finnick turned around to leave, Vivian thought she heard Benedict snort. His words, however low, were audible. “She’s not even close to Evelyn.”


Evelyn Morrison?

Vivian froze in her tracks. However, she was pulled away by Finnick before recovering from the shock.

Walking away, Vivian wondered what Finnick’s relationship with Benedict was. How did Benedict know about Evelyn? Were they friends in the past? Did Benedict love Evelyn just as Finnick did?

When Benedict mentioned Evelyn earlier, Vivian glimpsed the hints of sorrow in Finnick’s eyes. He must have missed her dearly.

She couldn’t help asking, “Finnick, who is Benedict? Why do you dislike him?”

Finnick pretended that he didn’t hear her.

Meanwhile, having executed her plan, Ashley went back to the auction hall and sat with Fabian at a few rows in front of Vivian’s seat.

With Finnick and Xavier sitting beside her, Vivian could sense the hostility of the neighboring women’s glances thrown in her direction.

Vivian allowed her eyes to dart around and noticed Benedict taking up his place at the row in front of her. He noticed her, too, and greeted her politely with a nod. Vivian smiled and nodded back.

Soon, the stage was illuminated by dazzling lights as the auctioneer was welcomed onto the stage.

The auctioneer made an official speech to welcome all the philanthropists and socialites. And with a booming announcement, the auction started. “Let the auction begin!”

Benedict’s donation was the first to be auctioned. It was a fountain pen.

After a brief introduction by the auctioneer, Vivian finally got to know the mysterious man’s identity. He was Benedict Morrison, the eldest heir of the Morrison family. Which meant that he was Evelyn Morrison’s elder brother—Vivian realized in a shudder.

That explained his wistful tone when he mentioned Evelyn earlier.

The auctioneer continued, “Ladies and gentlemen, this is not an ordinary fountain pen. Please have a closer look at the diamond embedded in it. Specially customized, the jewel craftsmanship is of impeccable artistry. In loving memory of the late Ms. Evelyn Morrison, Mr. Morrison’s younger sister, he has decided to auction it, knowing that his sister will certainly approve of the good that the price it fetches will do to the needy.”

Both Xavier and Finnick frowned upon seeing the fountain pen.


Finnick was soon lost in his own thoughts.

The pen was a gift from him to Evelyn on her twelfth birthday as an encouragement for her to get good grades in school.

Finnick remembered that Evelyn was so fond of the pen that she refused to let Benedict have a look at it.

Who knew that Benedict would auction off the pen after so many years?

Finnick’s expression darkened.

Xavier murmured, “That’s very cruel of Benedict.”

Knowing Benedict’s personality, Xavier guessed that he must have done that purposely to anger Finnick.

Having caught what Xavier muttered under his breath, Vivian asked him what he meant.

Xavier could see that Vivian was itching to know about Finnick’s past with Evelyn. He whispered in her ear, “Finnick gave the pen to Evelyn on her twelfth birthday.”


Judging from the hostile look on Finnick’s face, he must be angry and sad at the moment.

Vivian blamed Benedict in her heart. How could he not cherish his sister’s belongings? Didn’t he know how important the gift was to both Evelyn and Finnick? Or did he auction the pen just to piss off Finnick?

What is Finnick thinking about right now?

The auctioneer’s voice interrupted Vivian’s stream of thoughts. “Mr. Morrison, would you like to have a few words?”

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