Never Late, Never Away Chapter 199

Upon seeing Benedict walking toward the stage, the auctioneer beamed. “Let’s welcome Mr. Morrison!”

The ladies sitting below the stage swooned collectively at Benedict’s incomparable charm as soon as he went up the stage.

Glancing at Finnick’s direction, Benedict began, “I believe that in times of need, helping the poor should be a priority, and that priority should come above all personal needs, which includes keeping the pen for myself as a memory of my dear sister. Knowing that she will gladly approve of my action today,I cannot tell you how much peace

and comfort that brings to me upon parting with this pen.

Rounds of applause erupted inside the hall.

After Benedict went back to his seat, the auctioneer announced, “Alright, let’s begin with the auction! The minimum bid is a hundred thousand!”

The exquisite pen shimmered under the incandescent lights of the hall as if it had not aged with time at all. The nib was made of pure gold, thus making it perfect for signing with great flow. Imagine how impressive it would be to sign company agreements with the magnificent pen.

The audience began to bid.

“One hundred thousand!”

“One hundred and fifty thousand!”

“Two hundred thousand!”

The bidders seemed very intent on getting the fountain pen because it was the first item to be auctioned.

Finnick’s clenched fists were sweating profusely. He had been doing a good job of holding his emotions in until everyone started bidding for the pen with excitement.

It was his! It could only belong to him! Finnick was sure that Evelyn would disapprove if her favorite pen was to end up with a stranger. He couldn’t let it happen!

Uncertain of Finnick’s next move, Xavier and Vivian turned to look at him.

Vivian was in a dilemma. She hoped that Finnick wouldn’t bid for the pen, but that would mean that he didn’t place great value in relationships.

Previously, Finnick got so furious at Vivian for merely admiring Evelyn’s crystal necklace that he had been treasuring for years. What would Finnick do now that Benedict was auctioning Evelyn’s pen!

The images of Evelyn’s beautiful face flashed through Finnick’s mind repeatedly. She was there, smiling lovingly and calling out to him with her angelic voice gently, “Oh, Finnick! I don’t think words can describe how much I love this pen…”

Meanwhile, the bidding war was at its climax. No one was going to let the chance of getting the pen slip without trying.

“One million!” Finnick raised his paddle suddenly.

Everyone gasped. Most of the previous bidders gave up upon hearing the highest bidding price.

Three hundred thousand was already considered too expensive for the pen.

Determined to prevent Evelyn’s beloved item from falling into a stranger’s hands, Finnick joined the bidding eventually. It was just as Vivian expected. He couldn’t forget her.

Although she had foreseen it coming, never would she have thought that it would taste so bitter.

He loves Evelyn more. All this time. It must be it.

She was too naive. How could she ever replace Finnick’s childhood sweetheart? Not to mention that Evelyn was more beautiful and intellectual than she would ever be.

A quote she read somewhere resurfaced in her mind. Death leaves a heartache that no one can heal, and love leaves a memory that no one can steal.

Vivian didn’t know what to think.

Just then, Benedict raised his paddle too.

“One million one hundred thousand!”

The crowd exclaimed. What is going on? Why is Benedict bidding against Finnick for something he donated? Maybe he’s regretting it. It’s his sister’s belongings after all!

Staring intently at the pen, Finnick raised his paddle again.

“One million two hundred thousand!”

By then, everyone was already mumbling among themselves.

Most of the attendees were upper-class socialites who knew about Finnick and Evelyn’s past, especially when the kidnapping and arson incidents involving both of them were given high coverage in the news at the time. Some of the people present who were long-time acquaintances of the Morrisons and the Nortons knew more about the fateful incident.

Back then, Finnick only survived because Evelyn sacrificed herself to buy time for his escape. She perished in the fire sadly.

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