Never Late, Never Away Chapter 200

Looks like some feelings are so deep it is just impossible to let go easily. His wife is sitting right next to him, and yet he is so determined to get Evelyn’s pen.

Benedict scoffed and raised his paddle again.

“One million three hundred thousand!”

Hypocrite. You don’t deserve my sister’s pen!

Finnick didn’t give up either.

“One million four hundred thousand!”

Vivian lowered her head, not daring to look at Finnick’s face or the pen. Her bag suddenly became an interesting object to focus on.

Everyone was glancing curiously in Vivian’s direction. Some of them pitied her for being outshined by Finnick and Evelyn’s token of love.

How awkward she must be feeling now.

Dejected, Vivian’s head sunk lower.

Worried that Vivian might walk away due to the intensifying stares, which would, in turn, draw more unwanted attention to Finnick and Vivian’s relationship, Xavier hurriedly comforted her, “Don’t worry too much, Vivian. It’s all in the past. It’s just a memory—a pen. You being Finnick’s wife is all that matters.”

Xavier’s words only served to upset Vivian more. Vivian sighed quietly. What’s with my luck today? First the amulet, and now the fountain pen. What’s next?

Was it inappropriate for a man to bid for his childhood sweetheart’s belongings in front of his wife? Even if it were, Finnick couldn’t care less about it. By pursuing the bid relentlessly, he had put Vivian into a difficult position. But didn’t she love him for his loyalty in the first place?

Vivian had never felt so conflicted in her entire life. She couldn’t possibly blame Finnick for wanting to hold on to a precious memory.

Benedict raised his paddle once again.

“One million five hundred thousand!”

After a few seconds of utter silence, the auctioneer began to raise his hammer.

No! Finnick wasn’t going to let Benedict get his own way. I must have it!

He exclaimed, “Two million!”

The day’s auction event turned out to be more thrilling than anyone had anticipated. The crowd was cheering for Finnick and his eternal love for Evelyn.

The auctioneer looked exhilarated as he prepared to raise his hammer again. The auction was unlike anything that he had ever seen in his entire career.

Unable to conceal the excitement in his voice any longer, the auctioneer announced, “Going once, going twice, sold!”

Thunderous applause rumbled in the hall.

Benedict stared at the pen and sighed wistfully. Deep down, he knew that Evelyn would be happy to know that Finnick got her pen.

Nice one, Finnick Norton!

The next item to be auctioned was Xavier’s ornament from Thailand. Gilded with gold and adorned with jade embellishments, the colorful handicraft was an exceptional masterpiece suitable for room decor. It went to a plump millionaire.

Ashley’s limited edition Hermes bag, which she bought in France and got tired of eventually, was unexpectedly popular among the ladies.

When the handbag was sold at a high price, Ashley smiled smugly, feeling proud of her preloved item.

One by one the collections donated by socialites were auctioned off. Although the objects were equally exquisite and rare, the enthusiastic atmosphere during the diamond pen’s auction was long gone. Even the auctioneer’s voice drooped a little.

Soon, it was Vivian’s item to be displayed.

The previous boredom of looking at general collectibles was instantly replaced by anticipation. Everyone was craning their necks curiously and wondering what Mrs. Norton donated. It must be something extraordinary!

The audience held their breath as the item was being presented.

When Vivian saw it, she was stupefied.


Why is it here?

Where is my diamond necklace? Shocked, Vivian was about to stand up when Finnick grabbed her hand and signaled her to stay calm.

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