Never Late, Never Away Chapter 201

The crowd couldn’t believe their eyes as they stared at the auction item. It was the most ridiculous item ever donated in the history of the charity auction.

Mrs. Norton is certainly someone that’s really strange!

Fabian was extremely anxious. What am I going to do? Whose idea of a prank is this? Vivian would definitely not put up something like that for the auction. Could it be Ashley? Glancing towards her from the corner of his eye, Fabian could see Ashley’s smug expression which all but confirmed his suspicions.

Ashley was obviously gloating since her scheme had succeeded.

Vivian, let me see how you’re going to salvage your reputation in front of the city’s socialites.

A daughter borne of a despicable mother doesn’t deserve to fight over a man with me! I’m going to let you have a taste of what it feels like to be disgraced! After all, these people are a tough crowd. you’re about to be swarmed by a pack of bloodthirsty hyenas! Hmph!

“My God! What is this?” One of the attendees suddenly asked. “It’s so ugly!”

“How can one be so insincere by sending a soiled item to a charity auction?”

“Haha, it must be someone that has no exposure to the world at all.”

The crowd couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw that the auction item contributed by the wife of the CEO of the renowned Finnor Group of Sunshine City turned out to be a worn-out amulet. Furthermore, it looked so old with its damaged sides.

It is an obvious sign of insincerity on her part. Donating a worn-out amulet for the auction makes her look stingy. Didn’t she consider the fact that she would disgrace Mr. Norton?

Knowing that it was Vivian who donated such an item, the crowd turned to look at her in disgust.

However, Vivian didn’t have time to care about what others thought of her.

The amulet was a gift from her mother that symbolized her love for Vivian. Therefore, she wasn’t going to let anyone else buy it at the auction.

Grabbing Finnick’s arm, she pleaded, “What are we going to do? This… I can’t lose this. It’s a gift from my Mom and it definitely can’t be auctioned to someone else!”

Finnick was also puzzled as to how the diamond necklace was switched with the amulet.

Whoever it was, it was obvious they were trying to sabotage both himself and Vivian. That person could only either be Yasmin or Ashley.

Yasmin definitely wouldn’t have the guts to do this. As for Fabian, he can be ruled out due to his feelings for Vivian.

Finnick was furious at the fact that someone dared to scheme against Vivian behind his back.

When Ashley, who was sitting a few rows in front of Vivian, turned around with a smug expression on her face, Vivian knew immediately that her sister was the culprit. She must have switched the items on purpose just to humiliate me.

She’s the only person who knows that I always carry the amulet with me wherever I go and how much it means to me.

Vivian stared daggers back at Ashley. You’ve gone overboard this time!

As mocking laughs rang throughout the auction house, everyone started gossiping.

“Isn’t this just a worn-out amulet?”

“How can Finnick’s wife do something like that. If she isn’t keen, she shouldn’t have come at all. No one forced her anyway. She is reluctant to part with her possessions and yet wants to maintain her reputation. This is the first time I see someone as selfish as this!”

“I heard she is just an editor for a magazine and doesn’t come from an illustrious family. Hence, I’m afraid she hasn’t had much exposure and just donated something without much thought.”

“Why is she even here then? Haha, what a disgrace.”

“This is the first time I see someone act this way at an auction.”

Although everyone was muttering softly, the venue wasn’t very big. As such, Vivian could clearly hear everything that was said.

Despite that, there was no way she could defend herself from their accusations. All she could do was furrow her eyebrows while biting the bottom of her lip anxiously.

“I heard she doesn’t come from a rich family so I guess she’s kind of a Cinderella. Besides, I can’t fathom what the CEO of Finnor Group sees in her anyway.”

“She should have been better off being a nobody if she doesn’t even know how to carry herself in such events. To think that she is treating the charity auction the same as a public market. Hmph!”

Ashley was filled with delight when she heard the crowd’s comments. Oh Vivian, seems like your reputation is in tatters now. Let’s see how you get out of this!

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