Never Late, Never Away Chapter 202

Doesn’t Finnick always come to your rescue? Given the expression on his face now, it’s obvious that he too feels disgraced. He might have looked past the photo incident, but now that the Finnor Group is involved, can he still bear to tolerate the humiliation you have brought him?

Turning to look at Vivian and Finnick, Benedict smirked to himself. So, it seems that someone else hates them both and is sabotaging them.

Haha, Finnick, let me see how you’re going to protect your newly wedded wife now.

At that moment, all Vivian wanted was for the ground to open up and swallow her whole. However, she knew that getting back the amulet her mother gave her took priority over everything else.

Although it was just an ordinary amulet, it represented all her mother’s hopes and dreams for her.

Her mother had painstakingly brought her up by herself. The reason she got the amulet for Vivian was so that it could keep her safe and healthy. Furthermore, her mother wanted her to find happiness, just like any other girl. Her only wish was for Vivian to grow up happy and without any worries.

When her mother heard a rumor that a particular temple’s amulet was known to be effective, she drove a long way to get it. At that time, Vivian was still in university.

Her mother had made a long and arduous pilgrimage up a huge flight of stairs just to obtain the amulet.

Vivian didn’t know how far her mother had to walk to get it. All she told Vivian was that it was a long journey and that the more sincerity she demonstrated, the more likely her wish would come true. Everything her mother did was so that Vivian would always find happiness…

We came into this world empty-handed. The debt of gratitude we owe our mothers can never be repaid in our lifetimes. That thought alone caused Vivian’s anxiety to intensify. She knew she must get the amulet back. I must not let it be auctioned to someone else!

Meanwhile, the host began to enforce order so as to keep the angry crowd in check.

“Settle down everyone and please be quiet. Quiet, please… For this auction, there are no restrictions on the items that can be donated because everything will be sold. As the proceeds of the auction will be going to charity, it doesn’t matter what the item is, the value of said items will still greatly exceeds their original monetary value. With that, let us begin the auction now!”

As the auction had never put on the block something as cheap as the amulet, everyone was stumped as to how they should start the bid.

After a quick discussion with the auction house, the host declared, “As the wishes contained within the amulet are priceless, you are free to bid whatever amount you want.”

Who will want to spend money on a worn-out amulet? Isn’t it no different from throwing money into the ocean? Furthermore, one may even be thought of as being an idiot. Nevertheless, it is still an item donated by Mr. Norton’s wife, there may be those who will start bidding just to curry favor with Mr. Norton himself.

Just then, someone bid ten thousand which was raised to fifty thousand. Then, it was raised again to eighty thousand…

When Vivian heard the bids gradually increasing, she clenched her fist anxiously. What should I do? What if someone else wins the bid? She looked towards Finnick helplessly.

When Finnick saw how worried she was, he reached out and held her hand. He reassured her softly, “Don’t worry. I will definitely keep the amulet safe and not allow it to be sold to someone else.”

Just as he spoke, Finnick suddenly raised his bid paddle and called out, “One million!”

Silence fell upon the room.

One million!

Can a worn-out amulet be worth one million? Is this some kind of joke? That shabby thing’s not even worth a hundred!

One million… My god, Mr. Norton’s bid is just crazy!

Everyone wondered the same thing, is Finnick out of his mind? He had just bid for his ex-girlfriend’s diamond pen. And now he is paying a ridiculous amount of money for his wife’s amulet. Does he have nowhere else to spend his money?

Even Vivian was dumbfounded. She wanted to stop him but Finnick held onto her hand and reassured her that there was nothing to be worried about.

Everyone understood what Finnick was trying to do, just that they didn’t dare to gossip in front of him.

By then, the crowd’s opinion of Vivian started to shift. Now, they were filled with envy instead. She is so lucky to have Finnick love and pamper her to such an extent.

Even Vivian didn’t expect Finnick to bid such a high price from the get-go. I guess he’s really worried that it would be sold to someone else… Ah, such is the ways of a wealthy man.

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