Never Late, Never Away Chapter 203

The notion of offering one million for a worn-out amulet was really ridiculous.

As such, the crowd reached a unanimous agreement, with such a high price, who in their right mind would compete for it? Wouldn’t it just make us look like a fool? I guess money does make one act capriciously.

Before Vivian could thank Finnick, Fabian came out of nowhere.

He shouted, “One point one million!”

The crowd gasped when they realized another idiot had joined the fray. My God! What’s going on? The fact that an amulet was donated to be auctioned off was rare enough. Now, there are people actually fighting for it?

Is the amulet really that effective? The crowd was puzzled as they wondered why two members of the Norton family were fighting over an ordinary-looking amulet.

Fabian, what the hell are you trying to do? Vivian couldn’t help but admonish him in her heart before looking towards Finnick.

Will he raise the bid? Or, will he give up? She secretly hoped that Finnick wouldn’t give up, just like how he didn’t let go of the diamond pen. At least it would prove to her that she was equally important to him as Evelyn was.

Finnick’s expression remained exceptionally calm as he focused his attention on the amulet. In the next moment, he raised his paddle.

“One point two million!”

“One point three million!” Fabian countered. The amulet is extremely important to Vivian. I must protect and help her. Fabian knew that it was the only way he could make it up to her.

“One point four million!”

“One point five!”

Both men continued to outbid each other.

Everyone else at the auction had been relegated to being a spectator to watch the two of them tussle it out.

It’s a clash of giants! The Norton family does live up to their reputation. If I knew this was going to happen, I would have brought all my amulets from home. I didn’t expect the Norton family to love amulets so much.

“Fabian, stop bidding!” Ashley muttered to him.

The hatred she felt for Vivian had increased ten-fold by then. She couldn’t believe that the item she donated had been outshone by Vivian’s amulet. This is preposterous! Ashley was miffed that even a worn-out amulet had allowed Vivian to steal the limelight from her. If I knew this was going to happen, I shouldn’t have switched out the diamond necklace.

What infuriated her further was the fact that Fabian had joined in the bid fervently. His intentions were simply too obvious.

Ashley felt embarrassed. The attention she gained just a short while ago was short-lived. In fact, it had already been rendered insignificant.

The host commented excitedly, “What a thrilling bid this is! Thank you both Mr. Nortons for your fervent support of this charity auction and the love you have in your hearts.”

“Two million!” Finnick raised his paddle again without a single hint of hesitation.

“Wow! It has reached two million! Two million, ladies and gentlemen!” The host was so hyped up that even his hands were trembling.

The corner of Finnick’s mouth curled into a smirk.

Fabian, do you think this is your chance to get into Vivian’s good books?

If so, you’re absolutely mistaken! When it comes to Vivian, you’re never going to get a single opportunity.

Finnick used the charity auction to vent the frustration he had on Fabian for all the fear and jealousy he felt recently. He intended to shatter every last bit of confidence Fabian still had within him.

Gritting his teeth, Fabian raised his paddle.

“Three million!”

Ashley was devastated.

Fabian, when are you going to stop standing up for Vivian?

The crowd looked towards Fabian. It was easy for them to comprehend why Finnick was bidding because he was doing so for his wife. But everyone now wondered why Fabian was so interested in the amulet.

Ashley questioned, “Fabian, do you think it’s appropriate for you to behave this way?”

Fabian retorted, “Hmph! You should have a taste of your own medicine. You will have to suffer the consequences of what you have done.”

“You…” Ashley bit her tongue.

Fabian was aware of what the amulet was and understood how important it was to Vivian. Without having to investigate, he already knew that this was part of Ashley’s scheme.

Meanwhile, Vivian didn’t know why Fabian was fighting for the amulet. But, she really hoped that he wouldn’t win and preferred Finnick to be the victor instead. Even if Finnick didn’t plan to return it to her, she would still feel happy to know that the man she loved was holding on to it.

Finnick wondered to himself, Fabian, do you really think you can win back Vivian’s heart just by doing this? What a futile effort. Don’t you know by now that you are no match for me?

Finnick no longer wanted to fool around with Fabian anymore. He had lost his patience and felt that there was no point in wasting any more time.

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