Never Late, Never Away Chapter 204

Raising his paddle, Finnick was aiming to crush Fabian’s desire for the amulet.

“Ten million!” Finnick exclaimed.

The crowd gasped as Finnick’s action thrilled the whole auction house. Ten million just for an amulet! Even if it were made of diamonds, it still wouldn’t be worth that much.

The host spoke with a trembling voice, “T-Ten million… Ten million, does anyone want to bid higher than this?”

Fabian tightened his grip on the paddle with a look filled with exasperation.

No, I can still continue!

At that moment, Ashley had enough of Fabian’s behavior. Since when did Vivian’s amulet become so important to him that he is willing to sacrifice everything he has for it?

Fabian, am I nothing to you? You’re going to lose everything you have! I won’t allow this to happen!

Ashley quickly reached out and stop Fabian from raising his hand. She murmured, “Fabian, have you lost your mind? What do you take me as? Ten million is a huge sum of money. Even if you asked your father for it, he is not going to give it to you.”

Ashley’s words made perfect sense. Even if he won the bid for the amulet, Fabian’s father would have gone ballistic. Even he may not be able to gather so much money on such short notice. Fabian realized then that he had no choice but to give up.

Finnick, you’re just too ruthless!

Vivian, I’m sorry.

In his trembling voice, the host called out, “Ten million, going once! Ten million, going twice! Ten million, sold!”

Finnick finally won the bid for the amulet.

The host waved his hand and declared, “Congratulations, Mr. Norton!”

Devastated, Fabian was filled with disappointment in himself. Having lost all interest in what was going on around him, he slumped in his seat just like a deflated balloon.

He had failed and lost to Finnick again.

Filled with gratitude, Vivian said to Finnick, “Thank you.”

Finnick held up her hand and placed it in his left palm. At that moment, neither of them needed to say much as they already understood where their hearts lay. They had the same goal, which was to always shower each other with love and happiness.

Everyone in the crowd was shocked and envious of Vivian at the same time.

Mr. Norton loves his wife to bits! The diamond pen that he bid for earlier could no longer compare to the amulet after what had just unfolded.

By then, Vivian was already stupefied.

She was still in disbelief that Finnick had used ten million to win the bid for her mother’s amulet.

Despite the uproar felt by the crowd, it paled in comparison to the awe that Vivian felt.

She knew that he would protect her but didn’t expect the lengths he would go to just to do so.

He had done more for her than Evelyn.

Does it mean that I’m more important to him than she is?

Vivian couldn’t deny that meeting Finnick was the best thing that ever happened to her.

Gazing at Finnick with her glistening eyes, she couldn’t help but ask, “Finnick, do you think doing this is worth it?”

Finnick returned her gaze with a calm look and replied, “Isn’t the amulet very important to you? If so, of course it’s worth it.”

Just because it’s important to me? Does Finnick really not feel any reluctance in paying ten million for it? Evidently, he cares a lot about me and since the amulet is precious to me, he now sees the amulet as a priceless treasure.

With that, the anger she felt for Finnick over the incident with Fabian dissipated. She now thought of it as Finnick throwing a tantrum like a child.

With tears of gratitude in her eyes, she could feel the frostiness in her heart melt. Never before could someone bring so much light and warmth into her life.

After Finnick won the bid with ten million, the auction slowly wound down to a close with the rest of the items gradually being sold off.

Once the auction had ended, everyone moved to the restaurant for the appreciation dinner.

After experiencing such a thrilling auction, the crowd was greeted by an extravagant spread of food inside the restaurant. With soothing music playing in the background, their mood was further enlivened as they began to chat amongst themselves merrily.

However, the main topic of discussion still centered upon how exciting the auction was.

Many guests came over to congratulate Finnick with a toast, to the extent that Vivian didn’t even have an opportunity to speak to him.

Vivian was someone that didn’t enjoy being in a crowded place and wasn’t adept at flattery which was required for such occasions. Hence, she found a corner in the restaurant and sat alone sipping her wine.

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