Never Late, Never Away Chapter 205

The auction overwhelmed Vivian with emotions. The daring way Finnick bided for the amulet and how he always came to her rescue touched her.

As she watched him sit in his wheelchair being surrounded by the crowd, she could see how everyone was charmed by his demeanor. At that moment, she suddenly felt a sense of security in her heart.

Finally, someone was there to protect her. Furthermore, the man was both dashing and filled with masculinity.

Although he may appear cold and always had on an icy expression, the truth was that he had a warm disposition and loved with great intensity.

While Finnick was chatting with a few foreigners, he suddenly looked in Vivian’s direction and winked at her, causing her to blush immediately. Smiling sweetly, she raised her glass back at him and took a sip.

As her gaze continued to trail Finnick’s figure, she could faintly hear someone arguing by another corner. It turned out to be Fabian and Ashley.

Ashley berated, “Fabian, do you realize how inappropriate your actions were during the auction? As your fiancée, did you take my feelings into account? Did you even consider how humiliating it was for me? My fiancé competing with someone else’s husband for a lousy amulet. It was ten million, for God’s sake! Are you out of your mind?”

Fabian retorted in exasperation, “So what? How dare you seethe at me? Let me ask you, were you the one who caused this? Vivian would never have put up the amulet for sale. Ashley, I already agreed not to break up with you, so you’d better know your boundaries!”

Vivian was jolted by Fabian’s words.

At the end of the day, the reason Fabian tried to bid for the amulet was because of his protectiveness of her.

He understood how much the amulet meant to Vivian.

Vivian recalled the time when they were both in school. She was holding the amulet in her hand and showing it to Fabian. She said, “Fabian, look! my mom gave me this amulet and said that it is really effective. She told me that it’ll be able to grant me all my wishes.”

Smiling, Fabian pulled Vivian into his embrace and gently blew in her hair. The next moment, a jasmine-scented fragrance permeated through the air.

Those were some of the best times they had.

However, everything was different now.

Suddenly, her reminiscing was interrupted by Ashley’s clamor.

Ashley hissed, “Fine, even if you don’t care for my feelings, what about our child? Do you plan to let him be born broke just because of how stubborn you are? Are you going to tell him that his father squandered everything he had for a lousy amulet?”

“Ashley, don’t cross the line! Didn’t I fail to win the bid? Besides, you shouldn’t exaggerate as my assets are definitely worth more than ten million.”

“So? is that reason enough for you to buy the worn-out amulet for that despicable Vivian?”

“Ashley, to you, that amulet is something worthless. But, to others, it means the world to them! Do you understand?”

Ashley was already furious at how much Fabian cared for Vivian. As such, her anger was further intensified by how Fabian tried to defend his own actions.

“I really don’t understand! I love you so, so much, so why don’t you love me back?” Ashley couldn’t get past his indifference towards her. “I am on the brink of being driven mad by jealousy! Fabian, I am the woman you ought to be loving and protecting.”

Leaning his back against the wall, Fabian felt drained.

He murmured, “Ashley, there’s a limit to my patience. I’m tired of this so let’s stop arguing. Let me think in peace, alright?”

Ashley continued to berate, “Fabian, you cold-blooded pig! I have always loved you and treated you like a king, so why can’t you ever forget about Vivian? Why! Why do you prefer to fancy someone who had been defiled over loving me?”

With that, she no longer wanted to speak to him as she felt her heart fall into the deepest pit of despair.

As Ashley came out from the corner, her eyes caught sight of Vivian sitting alone.

Well, well, Vivian, I wasn’t planning to do anything to you, but yet here you are, just sitting right in front of me! Ashley felt that Vivian constantly got the better of her. She also realized that Vivian must have overheard her argument with Fabian.

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