Never Late, Never Away Chapter 206

How dare she shamelessly sit there still. She must be gloating now that she saw me being reduced to such a pathetic state!

At that moment, Ashley was filled with rage. Taking a look at the glass of red wine in her hand, she spilled it viciously in Vivian’s direction.

Meanwhile, Vivian was still in a daze and didn’t notice Ashley approaching.

Ashley is pregnant with Fabian’s child!

While her mind was still digesting what she had just overheard, she didn’t realize Ashley was standing right in front of her.

“Vivian, you b*tch!” Ashley shrieked as she splashed the wine at her.

When Vivian saw the wine spilling towards her, she was petrified. She quickly shut her eyes and cringed in reflex.

By the time she opened her eyes, she realized that there wasn’t any red wine on her. What happened?

At the critical moment, someone had shielded her from the wine.

When Vivian turned to look, she saw a man in a wheelchair with a cold expression.

Finnick! The red wine had spilled all over Finnick’s arm and body.

Just a moment ago, Finnick was worried that Vivian would feel bored and lonely. Hence, he wheeled himself in her direction. Little did he expect to see Ashley appear from around the corner.

Having a hunch that something untoward was going to happen, he accelerated in their direction. True to his expectations, he saw Ashley’s vicious expression as she raised the wineglass in her hand.

Finnick glared coldly at Ashley who was gawping in shock.

In her panic, she quickly threw the wine glass in her hand away.

As the glass shattered on the ground, it caught everyone’s attention causing the whole restaurant to fall into silence.

Vivian, who was standing beside Finnick, asked worriedly, “Finnick, are you hurt? Here, let me take a look.”

“I’m fine.”

Just then, Xavier walked over and quickly understood what just happened. He turned towards the crowd and declared, “Oh, it’s nothing. Someone just spilled a glass of wine by accident. Please carry on.”

When the crowd saw that there wasn’t much of a dispute, they went back to what they were doing and the restaurant’s atmosphere returned to what it was before.

Xavier offered his own silk scarf to Finnick so that the latter could wipe his arm.

He then said, “Oh my! What happened? How did you spill the wine all over yourself? Haha, I must have a word with the restaurant manager and instruct them not to serve this particular wine anymore. What a party pooper.”

Accepting the scarf, Finnick wiped the wine off himself.

When Xavier saw his movements, his eyes suddenly lit up as if he had an epiphany.

Realizing that she had gone overboard, Ashley quickly apologized, “I’m sorry… I’m so sorry, Mr. Norton. I-I wasn’t aiming to spill the wine at you. Erm, no… actually, I didn’t do it on purpose.”

At that moment, Vivian realized that Ashley was aiming at her.

Just then, Fabian, who had drunk a lot, hurried towards them.

Grabbing Vivian’s hand, he asked anxiously, “Vivian, are you hurt?”

At the sight of Fabian, Vivian pulled back her hand at once and replied with her eyes lowered, “I’m fine.”

Staring at Vivian, Fabian was lost in thought.

When Ashley saw how Fabian was humiliating her again, she stomped her feet in a jealous fit of rage.

Meanwhile, the crowd looked on at the few of them, those that were in the know started gossiping.

Among them, one said, “Did you see that? The Norton family’s uncle and nephew are having a feud.”

“The nephew seems to care a lot about his aunt. Have you forgotten that he had joined the bidding war for the amulet?”

A look of displeasure spread across Finnick’s face when he saw Fabian standing in close proximity to Vivian.

He seethed and warned Fabian in a frosty voice, “Fabian, you’d better keep your fiancée’s behavior in check.”

Finnick’s outright admonishment shocked Fabian.

By reprimanding him and Ashley in public, Finnick showed that he didn’t care about the Norton family’s reputation. Finnick was like a tiger who had just awoken and was ready to pounce.

Despite his consternation, Fabian didn’t show it in his reply, “I will ensure that she behaves, Uncle.”

At the same time, he turned towards Vivian. “I’m sorry. I apologize on behalf of my fiancée.”

Being too used to acting with impunity, Ashley was upset. “Fabian, why are you apologizing? I-I just lost my balance, it’s not like I did it on purpose.”

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