Never Late, Never Away Chapter 207

Fabian glared at Ashley and asked her to shut up.

Not on purpose? Do you think Finnick and I are blind? If not for the gathering crowd, Fabian would have taught Ashley a lesson in front of Vivian.

Fearing that the matter would escalate and cause all of them to be disgraced, Vivian took the initiative to defuse the situation. “Since no one is hurt, let’s just forget it. There’s nothing to apologize for. It’s all just a misunderstanding. Am I right? Finnick?”

Finnick quickly understood her intentions when he saw Vivian trying to brush off the matter.

However, he was reluctant to let Ashley off the hook without teaching her a lesson. After all, she had made numerous attempts at sabotaging Vivian. Furthermore, he found it strange that the diamond necklace they donated to the auction suddenly turned into the amulet Rachel gave Vivian. There were only a few suspects and Ashley was the biggest one.

As Finnick stared at Ashley, she didn’t dare to make eye contact and pretended to into the distance out of guilt.

Finnick slowly circled Ashley in his wheelchair while scrutinizing her. While he was doing so, Ashley was so afraid that sweat started to bead on her face.

Finnick sneered, “Ms. Miller, your sister is here, and yet you have not greeted her?”

Greet her? I hate her! Why the hell would I greet that b*tch? Ashley simply ignored Finnick’s words.

Tugging at Finnick’s sleeve, Vivian whispered, “Finnick, just let it go.”

However, there was no way Finnick would allow Ashley off the hook that easily.

He told Xavier, “Mr. Jackson, I need a favor from you. Can you get the organizing committee of the charity auction to investigate how the item we donated was lost? It’s a diamond necklace worth two million.”

As he spoke, Finnick’s gaze fell right upon Ashley.

At the exact same moment, Ashley’s face went white as a sheet.

Damn it, if they find out that I was the one who switched the necklace, not only will I lose everything, but I may also end up in prison.

Ashley’s reflexes were lightning quick. A smile instantly broke out on her face as she said to Vivian, “Vivian! Finnick is bullying me again. Next time let’s go home and share a meal together, alright?”

Vivian could surmised what was going on.

It was now obvious to her that Ashley was the mastermind behind the amulet incident.

Although she despised what Ashley had done, Vivian’s heart wavered as she knew Ashley was pregnant. Hence, she decided not to be too hard on her.

Vivian interrupted Xavier and Finnick, “Let’s just drop it since all of us know each other. Finnick, I feel like going home. Is it ok if we head back first?”

When he saw how Ashley had softened her stance and how Vivian was interceding on her sister’s behalf, Finnick relented and decided not to pursue the matter any further. It didn’t matter to him that the diamond necklace was lost. All he cared about was Vivian’s safety.

Turning his attention to Ashley, he gave her a stern warning. “Ashley, I’m warning you, do not to try my patience. Or else the whole Miller family will face the consequences of your actions.”

Feeling a chill down her spine, Ashley’s knees buckled causing her to lose her balance.

Fabian quickly reached out to support her. Finnick is simply too terrifying!

Right after he spoke, Finnick led Vivian out of the restaurant.

Xavier didn’t move as he gawked at Finnick and Vivian leaving. Finnick was still holding on to Xavier’s tailor-made scarf in his hands. Earlier, when he attempted to help Finnick wipe his arm, he felt a sense of Deja vu. But, he couldn’t recall why he found it familiar.

After Finnick and Vivian left the auction, they got into the car and prepared to head home.

Given so much had happened at the charity auction, no one was sure how the media was going to spin it.

Finnick’s ten million bid for the amulet would definitely be the talk of the town. It might even hit the front page of Sunshine City’s news.

Inside the car, Vivian used a small handkerchief to help Finnick wipe the wine stains off him.

She murmured, “I’m sorry. It’s my fault for causing you trouble again.”

Causing trouble?

Finnick chuckled.

Vivian, you really are the epitome of trouble.

That being said, I don’t mind being troubled by you. As long as you are by my side, I’m more than willing to go through any amount of trouble for you.

Finnick patted her and replied, “Don’t worry, I like trouble.”

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