Never Late, Never Away Chapter 208

Vivian was extremely grateful to Finnick because she could always feel the warmth and affection he showed her.

He had done so much for her that his efforts were beyond measure.

Vivian felt that she was the luckiest woman in the world to be loved by Finnick. Growing up, she was lonely and had a tough life. Hence, she didn’t know what love was. When she got to know Fabian, she thought what she had was a love where she could live happily.

It wasn’t until she met Finnick that she really experience what true love was.

From the beginning, Finnick was always protective of her. The very first day they met, he had paid the restaurant bills for her to prevent her from being humiliated. After that, he wanted to marry her which indirectly resolved her registration as a city’s resident. Only then did her mother recover from her sickness. Furthermore, there were innumerable occasions where he rescued her. Therefore, she knew that Finnick was someone she could rely on for life.

As she reminisce about the past, Vivian hugged Finnick by impulse.

His chest was broad and warm, making her feel comfortable in his arms.

She could feel the warmth he emitted and the beating of his heart. At that moment, all she wanted to do was to stay within his embrace and forget all her troubles.

Vivian whispered, “Finnick, thank you. It’s not about the ten million. It’s for loving and protecting me. Thank you.”

Finnick could feel his heart race as this was the first time Vivian hugged him by her own accord. I guess she’s no longer angry with me.

Caught by surprise, he wondered what had gotten into Vivian.

He asked in a gentle tone, “Are you no longer angry with me?”

“That was a long time ago,” Vivian replied honestly. “Before this, I only felt that you didn’t respect me enough. I didn’t get how you could… treat me in such an aggressive manner. You weren’t gentle at all. In fact, you were downright domineering. However, after giving it some thought, I figured it was because your anger overwhelmed you. Therefore, I can’t fully blame you for it.”

Finnick furrowed his eyebrows, “Is this the only thing you’re angry about?”

Vivian threw the question back at him with a puzzled expression, “What else should I be angry about?”

Finnick had assumed that she was giving him the cold shoulder because she took to heart how Fabian saw her. His assumption had caused him to feel upset.

It now appeared that he was wrong.

Finnick sidestepped Vivian’s question and replied with a smile, “Well, as long as you’re no longer angry, all is good.”

Vivian continued, “In that case, are you also no longer angry?”

Finnick had wanted to ask Vivian about the pictures where Fabian forced himself on her. However, he didn’t want to remind her of that man.

At the same time, he also felt that there was no longer a need to know. Vivian sat snuggly by his side in acquiescence. When she gave him a longing look, he felt that nothing else mattered anymore.

He trusted her and it was just that simple.

Finnick answered, “Silly girl, how could I stay angry at you for long?”

“If that’s the case, why did you ignore me over the last few days? Your actions almost broke my heart,” Vivian asked, raising her eyebrows curiously.

Looking at how alluring Vivian was, Finnick wondered to himself how he should handle her.

“I didn’t ignore you.” He hugged her and whispered, “And neither was I angry.”

Vivian furrowed her eyebrows.

So he wasn’t angry, does that mean he wasn’t jealous?

Vivian teased, “I thought you were jealous.”

“I was.” Finnick didn’t deny it, causing Vivian’s heart to sink.

He added, “But I trust you. Vivian, I have faith in you. I’m just jealous, that’s all.”

I trust you.

Those three simple words melted Vivian’s heart.

Fabian had not believed her then. But now, Finnick trusted her wholeheartedly.

This is what makes him the right one.

What a nice feeling this is.

Both of them exchanged glances and smiled. They now understood that the reason they were giving each other the cold shoulder was because they simply cared too much.

Finnick held Vivian’s hand and intertwined his fingers with hers.

Looking at how enchanting Vivian was, Finnick could feel the desire growing within him.

Meanwhile, when Vivian saw the burning passion in his eyes, she averted her gaze coyly.

The moment she did, however, Finnick caught her by the chin and lifted it up for a kiss.

Vivian’s body began to relax.

Overwhelmed by his warmth, she set aside her self-restraint and kissed him back passionately.

Finnick was so moved by her reaction that his heart began to race.

As Vivian put her arms around his neck, he felt passion overwhelming him.

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