Never Late, Never Away Chapter 209

Vivian felt like Finnick was trying to eat her up as he kissed her. She went with the flow and let him do whatever he wanted, enjoying his loving caress. At that moment, she was willing to dedicate everything she had to him.

As the temperature in the car rose, Finnick whispered in her ear, “Let’s go home so that I can devour you.”

Vivian took a deep breath, and her chest heaved as her face grew redder.

Her bashfulness made her looked even more attractive and Finnick locked lips with her again.

His kiss, combined with what happened earlier that day, was like a surge of warmth flowing through her heart.

Vivian melted as if she was a glacier in the Himalayan mountains, turning into water that nourished each other’s hearts.

When the car finally pulled up in front of the villa, the driver and Noah watched as the two lovebirds got off the car with a blushing face.

Realization finally dawned on Vivian that there were others in the car with her. She could not help but flush as she touched her burning hot cheeks and hurriedly straightened her clothes.

Finnick said, “Let’s go home.”

After getting off the car, Vivian pushed Finnick into the house. While the latter was still thinking about the ways to devour Vivian, he suddenly received a call from Xavier.

What a killjoy!

Frowning, Finnick did not want to answer it initially, but Xavier called again after the first call was ignored.

Only then did Finnick compose himself as he knew Xavier very well. Although the latter was usually frivolous, his persistent calls showed that he must have something important to say.

Finnick told Vivian, “Why don’t you head on up first? I need to take this call.”

Vivian nodded and went upstairs, whereas Finnick answered the phone.

Xavier could be heard panting as he said, “Finnick, I think I have an idea about the identity of the man who lost the silk scarf in the Century Hotel two years ago! I’m on my way to your house now and I’ll tell you in detail in a while!”

The look on Finnick’s face instantly changed.

He found the man from two years ago?

Shocked, Finnick hung up the phone and went to the room upstairs first.

The sight of Vivian getting changed sent a ripple of emotions through him, but he did not say anything and simply tell her, “It must have been a tiring day for you. You should rest early.”

She squatted down and leaned on his legs, saying, “What about you? You should be more tired than I am today.”

“I’m waiting for Xavier. He’s coming over in a while,” replied Finnick.

“Oh, I see. Don’t forget to get some rest afterward.” Nodding her head, Vivian went to shower.

While showering in the bathroom, she got lost in her thought.

She was overwhelmed by everything that happened at the auction earlier.

First, there was Evelyn’s diamond pen, to the missing amulet, and then Finnick’s ten million bid of the amulet. Afterward, Fabian and Ashley fought, and the latter was found out to be pregnant. Not to mention the incident where Finnick shielded Vivian from the red wine…

A rush of mixed feelings came over Vivian.

As she stood under the showerhead, the warm water flowed down her body, and the warmth invaded every inch of her skin from her head to her toe. Only then did the tension in her body slowly dissipated. It feels so good.

Vivian thought of Finnick.

He had bought her mother’s amulet at the auction for ten million and had also stepped forward to shield her from the red wine that was poured by Ashley. Now that she thought about it, the man always showed up in the nick of time whenever she was in danger…

However, there still seemed to be many obstacles between her and Finnick, such as Fabian, Evelyn, and the truth from two years ago.

Perhaps Finnick won’t be bothered by it, but what happened two years ago had always been a thorn in Vivian’s flesh, which often pierced into her heart so much that it hurt.

But everyone had a past. For Finnick, the past that he could never let go of was the fire incident and Evelyn. Considering that he still pretended to be crippled, he must still have a lot of things to settle.

Meanwhile, Finnick was reading news on his phone in the living room, but he could not understand a thing as his mind was preoccupied.

The things that Xavier said on the phone left him restless.

What exactly is the truth? Can Xavier actually solve this mystery?

For a moment, Finnick was suddenly afraid to know the truth. The reason being that the truth was often horrible.

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